Jessica Hiner - The Hot 25

Who’s shaking up the industry today and making it a unique, successful, challenging and innovative sector? The members of the 2016 Counselor Hot 25. Check out their stories.

Jessica Hiner has been at The Magnet Group (asi/68507) for the last eight years, most recently as its vice president of key accounts, but has been an industry diehard since she joined it right out of college. “Products, trends, focus points and people are always changing, and what was popular when I first started certainly isn’t what’s popular today, but consistent change makes things interesting, along with the personalities of the people we work with,” she says. “If I looked back to myself 14 years ago out of college and working for the distributorship I came from before TMG, I would have never said I would be where I am today. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I do know whatever role I take on, I want the close-knit/family-like team I have today and the support of those around me. As long as I can be around positive people, laugh and make people laugh as much as possible while doing it, a title means nothing. Life’s too short to put a title on anything … go for what you love, and the rest falls into place.”

Then she adds with a wink and smile, “And don’t forget to ask for a paper proof.”

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