Jeffrey Tambor Headlines PPAI Expo

Actor Jeffrey Tambor keynoted the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas in January. Check out his inspirational message, and take a look at some of the hottest products displayed at the show by exhibiting suppliers.

Actor and newly-minted Golden Globe Award winner Jeffrey Tambor took the stage in Las Vegas with an unassuming manner and dry wit. His message, though, to the PPAI Expo audience was one of inspiration and motivation to grow their businesses and improve their lives.

"Eighty percent of people have stopped. They've stopped creating and have settled for more comfortable lives," said Tambor, who has starred in television shows such as Arrested Development and Transparent, for which he received a Golden Globe award just two days before his speech at PPAI Expo . "I'm about discomfort. You owe it to all of us to get on with what you're good at. The joy of life is doing your job as best as you possibly can all the time. Half-assed doesn't cut it."

Dressed in a white checked, button-down shirt, gray sweater vest and black jeans, Tambor, 70, entertained and motivated the PPAI Expo crowd by weaving his trying personal story into his overarching message of overcoming fear and reaching your full potential. Tambor admitted to being sober for 15 years now after struggling with alcohol addiction for much of his adult life.

"Don't let fear define you and get in your way," said Tambor. "Don't let your negative qualities hold you back. Don't let it keep you back from being great. Be courageous and be an adventurer. Find out what there is that's keeping you back. Then you can work to overcome that."

Ultimately, Tambor said, the key to success today is being able to stand out. But to him, the only way to really separate yourself from the crowd is to take risks and embrace failure.

"You have to be prepared to be wrong 50% of the time," he said. "Take risks and operate quickly. Don't get stuck doing the same thing over and over again. Stop trying to please people and actually start doing things the way you think they're right. Let risk be your guide. Failure is the gift that keeps on giving. Failure is a part of necessary change. We don't live to be average. The last thing we want to be is just enough, mediocre, getting by."

Hot Products

16 editor's picks from the PPAI Expo

1. Always Fresh

Fragrance bands can be customized in message and aroma. Clients can choose the scent they want the band to give off, providing marketing impact to two senses: sight and smell. Available from Ad Bands (asi/34345);

2. Party Time

Jazz-up any party or corporate outing with these fun beads. The medallion attached to it can be customized in just about any shape, providing a unique marketing message for meeting planners and trade show exhibitors. Available from WowLine (asi/98360);

3. Creative Cover

Cover up any table with these items that can be printed all over and in four-color process. Think clients exhibiting at trade shows and job fairs. Available from Nationwide Pennant & Flag Manufacturing (asi/73450);

4. Political Statement

Get creative with a unique space to advertise – public men's rooms. These urinal mats can be custom created or choose from stock options. Available from Purple Giraffe (asi/80086);

5. Stay Clean on the Go

A great giveaway for trade show exhibitors, health-care fairs or school/fundraising events, these packaged towelettes will definitely be appreciated by all who receive them. Available from Better Wipes;

6. Clear As Day

A new space for advertising, the 3-D glasses given out at theaters can be customized. Think of pitching these to movie studios, fast-food brands sold in movie theaters and candy companies. Available from American Paper Optics (asi/35591);

7. I Can See Clearly Now

Never lose another pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses again with this clever item. Connect this to a shirt by a magnet on the back and slip glasses through the metal enclosure, and imprint the front with any message or logo. Available from Montco (asi/72110);

8. Cool Relief

Attendees at outdoor summer events, concerts or golf tournaments would love to receive a Chill Skinz towel. Once wet and iced, the towel remains cold for hours, providing outdoor relief for athletes and spectators alike. Available from Chill Skinz Inc. (asi/44817;

9. No More Slice

The perfect add-on for upcoming golf tournaments, the Trust Tee is a plastic tee that can helps users minimize slicing their first shot of every hole into the water. Available from Trust-Tee Golf (asi/92289);

10. Untangled

Never get computer wires and power cords tangled again with the Cord Grip. A perfect houseware item that would appeal to real estate agents or insurance companies. Available from EMT (asi/52263);

11. get physical

GoBands are wristbands that can have multiple items (whistles, sunscreen, keys, alert buttons) attached to them. Great giveaway for senior living facilities, health- care companies and insurance firms. Available from Lewtan (asi/67230);

12. Don't Waste Any

    This new silicone wine bottle topper ensures that open bottles of wine won't spill at all when laid on their side. Clever gift with purchase for wine stores and supermarkets. Available from Capabunga;

13. Stand Up Straight

This small item is the height of function in today's mobile world. Simply plug it into the audio jack of any mobile device, and the product turns into a stand to watch videos, read articles or share presentations. Available from Twintech Indutry Inc. (asi/92357);

14. Sport Science

Little League and school sports teams would love to hand out imprinted eyeblack stickers to their players. It's the perfect fundraising item for teams or as a gift with uniform purchase. Available from (asi/53428);

15. Prediction Lid

Supplier UnionWear held a giveaway at its PPAI booth – get scanned and you can have a hat imprinted with your 2016 Presidential candidate of choice on it. The runaway winner? Hillary Clinton. Only time will tell. Available from UnionWear (asi/73775);

16. Famous Face

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning – and his hand fans – will be speaking at July's ASI Show Chicago. Jazz up any of your clients' events with customized hand fans. Available from Lion Circle (asi/67620);