Top Quotes From Social Media

“Failing is proof that you’re meant to be a successful entrepreneur. It shows you’re willing to shake up the status quo & try new things.”
Shark Tank judge and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, via her Twitter feed @BarbaraCorcoran. Read more of Corcoran’s insights on page 77
“Entrepreneurs: Achievers move forward at all times. Achievement is not a plateau, it’s a beginning. Get out there & go for it! Set the bar high and resolve to be bigger than your problems. There’s nothing wrong with bringing your talents to the surface. Having an ego and acknowledging it is a healthy choice.”
Donald Trump, with advice for business owners, via his Twitter feed @realDonaldTrump
“Tough times are inevitable in life and in business. But how you compose yourself during those times defines your spirit and will define your future.”
Virgin CEO Richard Branson, via his blog at
“If people leave meetings without next steps, the only next step will be more wasted meetings.”
Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School professor, via her Twitter feed @RosabethKanter


Do you think wearables tech items will quickly become popular as promotional products?

Facebook Feedback

THINK Limitless Promotional Products We are a long way away before this becomes a possibility. Once they do hit the mainstream, I’m unsure if there will be enough “real estate” on the devices to show off much branding. Soon wearables like these will become too helpful for people not to adopt them. Once this happens, the flood gates will break open. How do you jumpstart sales during the summer?

Amanda Vories Summer is the best time for bundling promotions, since so many involve outdoor events. A towel and beach bag, a water bottle with a sun care kit, etc; all are great opportunities to create added value to a promotion.

Erich Campbell With so many events going on, this is also a great time to use sponsorship as your own self-promotion vehicle; sometimes for as little as a small discount you can add your own logo/slogan to event items and increase your visibility.

Twitter Feed

Selection of Tweets from the #promoproducts page @MarketngTidbits. Sure, fewer people smoke these days. But matches are still excellent #promoproducts.

  • @prgstore A great giveaway is always one of the steps to success at conferences & trade shows. #promoproducts
  • @Grapevine_KC RISE TO NEW HEIGHTS. Celebrate your brand in a way that raises you above your competition! #PPWWeek #PromoProducts
  • @CrawfordInd Upselling - Using a high-gloss finish makes a statement on any restaurant table #promoproducts
  • @chrispiperor @RepSchrader the #promoproducts industry provides 3,202 industry jobs and generates $103.7 million in revenue for #Oregon @NWPMA @PPAI_HQ
  • @PeakPromoCVille Getting your business off the ground? Let us help you with #promoproducts & #custom clothing #smallbusinessowners
  • @socalsteph_527 Encourage your employees and customers to get #active in time for #Summer! #health #fitness #promoproducts #social