Will The Federal Reserve Raise Interest Rates Before Next Summer

Tonia Allen Gould
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“No, the Fed shouldn’t and probably won’t raise rates before next summer. I think that’s still a couple of years away.”

Gene Geiger
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“They’ve been low for a long time, so I’ll say rates are going up, but not by much. Any rise will be moderate.” 

Ira Neaman
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“No. The government is the largest borrower and spender, so any rate increase would cost the government in interest charges and hamper its ability to make payments.”

Jim Franklyn
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“I believe we are trending upward as an industry and a small hike in interest rates will not impact that. But sooner or later, rates are going up.”

Mitch Mounger
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“Not before next summer, but it will happen in 2015. We still have room to lower the unemployment rate without a significant inflation problem.”

Memo Kahan
PromoShop (asi/300446)
“I don’t think it will. The fact that rates have stayed this low for a long time has given small and large companies the ability to stay in business. A change in rates would add pressure.”