The Most Creative People In Promo: Jeff Anderton, SnugZ + VideoFarm

Presenting our inaugural list of the industry’s most inventive and resourceful talents. Get to know Jeff Anderton of SnugZ (asi/88060) + VideoFarm.

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When Jeff Anderton started in the industry at the age of 23, nearly 20 years ago, he and his brother, Brady, ran an upstart supplier called Leashables and were so out of the box they destroyed the box. Their maverick, idiosyncratic business strategy (handstands and cartwheels when presenting their items on stage) garnered them instant notoriety and Counselor’s Supplier Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2005. When they sold their business, the question wasn’t so much what Jeff would do, but how big, how weird and how creative. Ladies and gentlemen, we have our answer.

“ was conceived the same year as my third daughter, who’s now 10 years old,” Anderton says. “, like her, came out in this amazingly strange tiny little form and slowly progressed day after day – there was a lot of throw up, messes and temper tantrums, but life has a way of emerging against all odds. When SnugZ came into my life and said, ‘Hey, we believe in the potential here. Why don’t you jump in with us and really take this to the next level?’ it was like graduating from an Ivy League college of video. They’ve provided the resources, the trust and the platform to let me explore how far curated content can be taken within our industry.”

Anderton, now 43, creates hundreds of videos each year and says his main focus has been developing video assets for the ever-expanding portfolio of the SnugZ brand – which is evident in the accolades the company has won – in ASI’s marketing awards (based on viewer voting) and others. “When we teamed up, SnugZ was generous enough to allow me to continue developing the VideoFarm platform, as we both consider the library and functionality as a positive force for the entire industry.”

Maintaining it’s the cross-pollination of platforms – such as FueldFilms (, his collaboration with his brother – that drives his inspiration, Anderton has developed a process and a team that’s constantly looking outside themselves and the industry, for inspiration. “From our days jumping off cliffs and editing ski videos on our dual VHS tape deck in our kitchen to this very moment – nothing beats watching people’s faces light up or get a little emotional because of something I’ve had a hand in making,” he says. “It’s magical, without even needing pixie dust or Harry Potter.” Don’t believe him? Anderton invites you to watch this: “Try conveying that level of emotion in an email,” he says.


Check out some pics of Jeff Anderton, below!