What Are Five Explosively Growing Markets?

Telehealth Services
Doctor house calls for the 21st century: telehealth uses digital technology to allow patients to quickly talk to doctors in addition to remote patient monitoring and health file transmission.

Growth by 2020: 500%

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The next spectator sport craze is breaking big: 89 million devoted enthusiasts stream videos and pack arenas to watch professional video game players.

Growth in fans by 2017: 63%

East Coast Enterprise Tech
Silicon Valley still has the leg up on technology, but New York’s “Silicon Alley” and the Eastern Seaboard are quickly growing their presence.

Growth in NYC tech employment since 2008: 40%

Residential Solar Energy
Companies providing solar power to houses leapt in 2015, powering the solar industry’s overall growth.

Installation increase last year: 24%

Blame the fear of the impending zombie apocalypse, but “preppers” and survival enthusiasts have sprouted all over the country.

Survival enthusiasts in the U.S.: 3.7 million