How Much Is A Celebrity Endorsement Worth?

Dollars – we’ll get to that. Value? Robust, even for small businesses and B-to-B companies. Evan Morgenstein, CEO and president of CelebExperts (which helps pair celebrities with large corporations and growing small businesses), explains.

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As social media has grown, so too has the notion of who qualifies as a celeb. “The opportunity to work with a known person, someone that has their own social media universe that they can leverage for a small business, has exploded.”

Don’t think you have to settle for reality stars. In working with a health-care company that sells exclusively to CEOs, Morgenstein is in the process of recruiting UGG CEO Brian Smith as a spokesperson.  

The price depends on the scope of work. A social media shout-out to hundreds of thousands of followers? A few thousand dollars. Higher-profile celebs and more involved work? Escalating to potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Bottom line: “There’s a legitimate celebrity for any company at any price point,” Morgenstein says.

In truth, the cost of a celebrity endorsement is as much as companies are willing to spend. Morgenstein’s advice: Set your budget and let companies like CelebExperts find the best person for your money. “With celebrities you never thought would be available, if I know this is your bottom line, I’m going out there with a take it or leave it offer. And many, many times, they’ll take it.”