Top Quotes From Social Media

"Everyone who builds a business works hard, but it makes best sense to focus on those tasks that can actually result in revenue."

Barbara Corcoran, judge on ABC show Shark Tank, via Twitter @BarbaraCorcoran, in response to a question about her best advice for young entrepreneurs

"If the world was made up of average people, it would be a very dull place to live. The most talented, thought-provoking, game-changing people are never 'normal.' They usually overcome great obstacles, take surprising routes to their goals, and under no circumstances, do what people expect them to do."

Virgin CEO Richard Branson, via a blog post at

"Millennials are poised to reshape the economy: They'll change the ways we buy & sell, forcing companies to examine how they do biz."

Lucy Marcus, CEO of Marcus Venture Consulting and professor at IE Business School in Madrid, via Twitter @LucyMarcus

"Nonprofits – we don't need another road race (unless there are donuts-a-plenty and costumery); or a golf tournament (unless it's putt-putt); or wine-tasting (unless Boone's Farm is on tap). You can and should do better because familiar is forgettable."

Danny Rosin, president of distributor firm Brand Fuel, via LinkedIn, on the staid promotional fundraising efforts of nonprofit clients

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  • Bonnie Johnson Smart pedometers and smart power banks from Buzline – favorite products of ASI Dallas.
  • THINK Limitless Promotional Products The scent-removing stainless-steel bar from Crown Products, LLC.
  • Amanda Vories The Clark USB journal from Spector.

How can you be most productive when working from home?

  • Javier Melendez I work from home mostly and you have to be very disciplined with yourself. Try to avoid all the distractions, and focus on your work not your chores.

Networking is…

  • Elise Crawford Essential!
  • Erich Campbell best achieved through authenticity in your social and business communications. Dare to care and listen.
  • Team Creative Connections, LLC my business.
  • Bay State a must!

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Selection of Tweets from the #promoproducts page

  • @AdpadsUK Top 5 reasons why #PromoProducts work: useful, desirable, attractive, fun, informative and they engage all the senses.
  • @MarketngTidbits While we love custom #promoproducts, sometimes you just need boring ones, and that's OK!
  • @aiiapromogifts #aiia recommends simple but useful case for iPhone. #promotionalitems #promotionalProducts #promoproducts #promogifts
  • @LogoMalls Don't just rely on the traditional forms of #marketing to get your name out there, #promoproducts should be a key part of your #strategy.
  • @PromoProdsSTL I just left a trade show w/great new ideas and samples for Earth Day events. Who wants to see them? #promoproducts #earthday #ecofriendly
  • @WhitestoneWorks  Feb 27 #thedress is white and gold. We figured it out! Back to making #promoproducts #promoguru #whiteandgold