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Enter With Flair

Many people came to the ad specialty market with, shall we say, interesting backgrounds. Count some members of the 2014 Hot 25 on the list of industry self-starters with decidedly different training grounds. Proforma’s Bryce Fulton had a 14-year career as a television news anchor and reporter before making the transition to promotional products. Anthony Flynn, the founder of supplier firm YouBar, started his company right out of college on somewhat of a lark – trying to capitalize on the trend of consumers wanting to customize their food. Now, however accidentally, he’s seen the value of his products for corporate promotions. And, Nicole McNamee? Well, she says she’s so successful at sales in this market today because of her time as the University of Tennessee mascot, Smokey the Dog. “It helped me learn how to win people over and motivate them.” Check out the stories of each member of Counselor’s Hot 25 right now at