Sell This Program: Auto Garage

Make a $4,802 profit with your client’s next promotion

Make a $4,802 profit with your client’s next promotion

Auto Garage

The sounds of struggling motors and floppity flat tires are like music to Jalopy Joe’s ears. Once the weather cools and the roads degrade a few degrees further, steady business is a sure thing. That reliability is why Joe has never given away so much as a pair of fuzzy dice; a new competitor has made this into a real race, however, and a trunk of sweet promos may be Joe’s key to keeping his business on the map.

Too often, customers sit in desultory silence while waiting for an oil change. Suggest some creative promos to keep idle drivers occupied; a crossword puzzle book is a great activity for downtimes, especially when your customer is simultaneously noshing on a bag of colorful gourmet popcorn emblazoned with your full-color label. For pure practicality, a strap-around auto litter bag is a brilliant gift that every car needs, even yours – admit it.

To keep customers thinking about your client even when their car is parked, some goodies for the home make sense. Microfiber cloths get miles of use, colorfully imprinted and always needed for swiping device screens and eyewear. A wall calendar is another gift with turbo-charged ROI, simple, effective and classic. And never let a big repair job pull away before bestowing upon them a super-soft imprinted cotton tee that will do more advertising in its lifetime than most of your peers.

Of course, you want that message on blacktop, too, so target repeat customers with road-worthy gear. Could you trust anyone that didn’t recommend a shiny keytag with split keyring? No; it’s too proven to pass up. Keep the pressure on with an engraved aluminum tire gauge for safety’s sake, and throw in a great seat cushion/blanket, too – perfect for tailgaters or campers.

The engine of commerce runs on good ideas, quality products and reliable service. There’s no shortcut. With a blend like that in the tank, smart businesses soon find themselves in the fast lane to success.

Profit Potential

Here is a breakdown of our suggested items, their list prices and price codes, all boiled down to your potential profits. Keep in mind, supplier prices were current as of press time but are subject to change.

  Price Code Quantity Total Profit
Puzzle Book $2.65 r 500 $1,325 $530
Popcorn $8.95 r 320 $2,864 $1,146
Litter Bag $3.30 q 500 $1,650 $742
Microfiber Cloth $3.20 r 250 $800 $320
Calendar $1.60 t 250 $400 $730
T-shirt $9.78 r 144 $1,408 $120
Key Holder $0.82 r 300 $246 $563
Tire Gague $9.30 p 250 $2,325 $123
Cushion $0.95 p 250 $238 $1,163
      Total $11,256 $4,802


Don’t target only one group! Think of all groups that will be involved with an event and pitch products for each. Here are your stretch goals.

In the Shop

Puzzle book has 50 crossword puzzles with 10-pt. cover and solutions in back. From American Calendar, asi/35400, 800-638-6870.

Jumbo bag contains multicolor, candy-coated gourmet popcorn in a fresh-sealed clear bag. From Jody’s Gourmet, asi/63392, 757-422-8646.

Litter bag is made of nonwoven polypropylene and has two straps that snap around headrest posts. From Debco, asi/48885, 800-263-3554.

Back at Home

Full-color 7” x 6” microfiber cleaning cloth cleans phones, computer screens and glasses.FromAAkron, asi/30270, 800-828-1570.

Stitched wall calendar features images of classic muscle cars and five lines of copy. From Navitor, asi/81500, 866-628-6868.

Premium fitted T-shirt is made of super-soft 4.3-oz. combed ringspun cotton jersey. From Jetline, asi/63344, 877-858-9908.

On the Road

Round keytag has a lustrous nickel finish and split keyring attachment with a one-sided imprint. From EMT, asi/52263, 800-289-2911.

Aluminum tire gauge includes a sealed individual polybag and free laser engraving. From Graphcoline, asi/57956,  866-636-7367.

Seat cushion changes easily to blanket and features front and back open pockets. From Bullet Line, asi/42424,800-749-7367.