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Housewares from Tiffany Leonard & Co.

Tammy Bowen CEO Tiffany Leonard & Co. (asi/91269)

Housewares from Tiffany Leonard & C

Q. Please give us some company background.

A. We have been in business for 20 years. We have over 925 items to choose from ranging from desk and office products to housewares to outdoor living. Tiffany Leonard & Co. strives to offer an eclectic variety of unique items to create a one-stop shop for distributors. Where else can you find movie memorabilia, bird houses, laptop cases, candelabras, pasta cookers and medieval dragon mugs in one place?

Did You Know?

Tiffany Leonard & Co. has a flat-rate shipping charge of only $9 for samples costing up to $35 (net) no matter what the weight is.

Q. Tell us more about the product features.

A. Our Pasta Cooker Set (item #14737) has an 8-quart capacity. Its stainless-steel construction makes it durable and easy to clean. Its versatility makes gourmet cooking a breeze. You can steam, boil and cook up all your favorites from pasta to veggies to soups to sauces. There is ample space on the tempered glass lid for a laser-etched logo. Our Artisan Pizza Stone (item #10015900) can be laser engraved for a very professional presentation. This ceramic stone comes with a chrome-plated metal rack for easy removal from the oven and serving at the table. It can make two personal pizzas or one larger pizza.

Q. Can you list the top markets/programs for these products?

A. These cookware items are the perfect solution for any client in the food or restaurant industry, company incentive/loyalty programs, casinos, cookbook publishers, gift basket companies and more.

“These cookware items are the perfect solution for any client in the food or restaurant industry and more.”

Q. How can distributor sales reps sell your product?

A. The ample size and versatility makes the cooker easy to sell. Its sturdy, stainless-steel construction and the fact that it is actually a three-in-one product will create interest. Not only is it a pasta cooker but it can also be used as a steamer and a stock pot. Our durable Artisan Pizza Stone is not just for pizza. You can bake bread and cookies with it also. Unlike most round pizza stones, you can make a larger pizza with our rectangular Artisan Pizza Stone.

Great Ideas

  • Employee Rewards Programs
  • Tiered Giveaways
  • Sales Incentives
  • Gift Basket Businesses
  • Client Loyalty
  • Healthy Eating Promotions
  • Food Distribution Companies
  • New Homeowners