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Radio Round-up

We regularly ask our Facebook fans for feedback on our ASI Radio topics. We asked: What was the most successful self-promotion campaign you’ve ever done?

I’ve had success with “the missing piece” promotion. I direct-mail one half of a self-promo (travel mug lid, dry-erase marker) and have them contact me to get other half (travel mug, dry-erase board).
Ryan Schade
Big Impressions LLC

Wooden backscratchers – not only did we get orders for that and similar products following our self-promo campaign, but it’s the one item that people tell us they absolutely love.
Judi Brown 
Getting Personal Imprinting

Bandage Mate – five strips in a case. Customer opened a letter, got a paper cut and used our bandages. Called us to let us know and placed an order. In general, bandage dispensers do very well for us. No one ever throws them away!
Laurie O’Shea

Not sure if this qualifies as a self-promo campaign, but every year we hold a company birthday party. We gather about 200 people, spread out all the samples we gathered for the year and let them peruse, get ideas and see what’s possible. At a certain time we let people take all the samples they want in a first-come, first-served free-for-all. People love the party, and orders pile up in the months following.
Danielle Lum 
NK Promotions

Co-branded T-shirts – local radio station does a remote, we supply T-shirts for free with the event and our logo. Not only do we get free radio airtime, but everyone that wears the shirt is advertising our business.
David Garthwaite 

Mine is simple, but effective. I buy hundreds of self-promo ink pens from my favorite pen vendors and give them away to my clients, as well as leave them by the dozens in restaurants, accounting firms, law offices, and pretty much any other place where free ink pens are highly welcome. I’m gaining name-recognition and have sold tens of thousands of the same pens I leave behind to people who used them and wanted their own.
Chris C. Clark 
Radius Print & Promotional