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From “Advantages Hot Deals”
Dental Delight
The Pitch: Nobody wants to go to the dentist (unless you’re a masochist), so why not lighten things up for everyone? How about some classic wind-up, hopping fake teeth to bring a newly cleaned, cavity-free smile to patients’ faces? Well, look no further than Brighter Promotions (asi/42016), big proponents of letting the good times roll – or hop in this instance. Pricing starts at: 240; $1.20-R. Click here:
The Bottom Line: All wound up.

All in the Wrist
The Pitch: This product from Gemline (asi/56070) is for the trendy gal on the go. The Lexi Wristlet Wallet comes in several colors of simulated leather. It provides a cute and convenient way to carry essentials for a day or night out. A zippered compartment can store a smartphone. The snap wallet compartment has an interior zippered change pocket, currency pocket and five card slots. It also has a wristlet strap, stylish interior and front pocket. It’s gift-boxed and meets NFL guidelines, so think of this for football-related promotions, in addition to any type of women-related events. Pricing starts at: 24; $20.75-P. Click here:
The Bottom Line: It’s sassy.

Foosball, You Bet!
The Pitch: Coming off the World Cup excitement, why not add a little fun to any executive-related promo with the metal travel foosball game from EMAX (asi/84114)? Of course, we can’t bring you Tim Howard or any of those other soccer hotties (sorry ladies), but we can still bring the good times for gals and guys alike. Pricing starts at: 50; $18.75-R. Scroll to product #262 by clicking here:
The Bottom Line: Game on.

The Stitch Report
Watch Stitches’ Senior Writer Theresa Hegel’s “Stitch Report” video, where she gives three tips on minimizing inventory expenses. One tip is to think small. There’s no reason to fill up your shop with blank inventory that may not sell quickly. Instead, keep a few samples of popular styles in various sizes on hand. Everything else you need can be shipped in two days or less. Watch the video to see more tips on

Also, listen to the Stitches podcast when Senior Writer Theresa Hegel checks in with Craig Wold, owner of Point Embroidery & Screen in Stevens Point, WI, to talk about what he’s accomplished in the time since Embroidery Coach Joyce Jagger’s visit to help him save his shop. Go to to hear the podcast.