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Retirement Ceremony

When the founder and CEO of Beasley Manufacturing decided recently to step down, there were immediate plans for a celebration of his time at the company’s helm. His successors wanted to honor the positive qualities their founder brought to his job every day. Suggest items to illuminate those traits for their employees, all imprinted with Mr. B’s smiling image and words of practical wisdom.

Mr. Beasley preached perseverance and demonstrated it through his own actions. Enshrine this important quality with a memo book with colored adhesive page markers for flagging important notes. A calendar magnet not only reinforces the message of sticking to a goal, but of honing those organizational abilities necessary to carry it through. Add an adhesive Lycra cell phone wallet to emphasize the concept of strong communication and staying in touch with clients.

When a competitor drops the ball on an order, Beasley is there to clean up the mess and capitalize on the opportunity. Demonstrate this valuable concept with helpful promos like a pocket-sized pack of anti-bacterial wipes or a convenient brush and dust pan set, which fits nicely in any desk drawer. Mr. Beasley’s face on an extra-thick bistro apron makes a great item for personal use, as well as a dependable conversation starter when entertaining at home.

Mr. B enjoyed leisure time. Share that trait with some fun giveaways; start with a desktop puzzle to show that problem solving can be an enjoyable challenge. Some stretchable putty in a nifty tin acts as a stress-relieving tool in addition to being an irresistible invitation to get one’s hands dirty, even while at play. You can also customize a bendable pen with the founder’s image in place of the stock choices for a silly promo that makes an important point about not taking yourself too seriously.

This is a chance for your client to celebrate a changing of the guard while stressing the attitudes and abilities that have allowed it to survive and prosper. It’s kind of amazing how promotional products can work on so many levels, sending multiple messages about achievement and success while simultaneously fulfilling a series of practical functions. Those are lessons well worth sharing – but of course you knew that already.