Sales Boost: Step 5


Providing branded products for clients to give away at trade shows is a lucrative niche. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Make It Memorable

Jacqui Snyder is no stranger to equipping clients with impactful promotional products for trade shows. The Geiger (asi/202900) promotional consultant generates about 30% of her total business from selling logoed ad specialties to buyers that distribute the items at shows where they’re exhibiting. “They want something that will get people in their booths,” says Snyder.

Sometimes, there are special themes with which the products must coordinate. SoftPro, a provider of real estate closing and title insurance software, one time had a booth designed around a “light-up” concept. To complement that, Snyder provided blinking balls – a solution that was a hit for the client.

In other instances, the product ties directly into the client’s organizational mission. For the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, for instance, Snyder provided pet care kits, while for an association focused on mosquito control she’s done flyswatters and mosquito repellent. “It comes down to giving them memorable items that get them attention,” she says.

To further meet that demand, Snyder has sourced techy products for SoftPro, including wearable wireless-enabled activity trackers that measure personal metrics like sleep quality and number of steps walked. Golf balls, golf towels and endurance workout shirts used in a mud-run competition SoftPro participated in at a trade show were a few of the other items she has delivered. “A lot of times for trade shows it’s about coming up with something custom and funky and fun,” says Snyder.

Of course, tried-and-true trade show-related products are a staple of her sales, too. These items include things like USB drives, pens, notepads, lanyards, badges, stress balls, hand sanitizer, magnets and more. “They like things people can use,” says Snyder.