Sales Boost: Step 4


Connecting regularly with clients can help you build your bottom line and keep competitors out of the picture.

Follow Clients On Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – these social platforms and others are a direct and immediate conduit to what’s going on with clients and their businesses. Customers’ postings on these channels can often tip you off to reasons to reach out to them – and even new sales opportunities. Maybe your client had an interesting tweet you can comment on, a LinkedIn posting announcing a work anniversary for which you can congratulate her – a Facebook post about an event or initiative to which you might be able to contribute ad specialties. You can also “like” and re-tweet/re-post things they share, which shows you’re engaged.

Create An E-Newsletter: This enables you to position yourself as a consultative expert. The content of this offering should include concise tips and strategies for getting the most out of promotional products without being overtly “salesy.” Using images and including a brief tips video starring you can enhance the newsletter’s appeal. “My newsletter is a short video and it’s always something that adds value to my prospects and clients – never a sales pitch,” says best-selling sales author and trainer Jeff Goldberg. “I know this method has brought me business. It’s highly cost-effective – I use Constant Contact – and takes very little time and effort.”

Know Their Milestones: Keep track of things like your clients’ birthdays, work anniversaries and other dates that are important to them. When these come up, give them a call to express best wishes and have a friendly conversation. If you want to up the impact, send them a personalized gift and a handwritten note, then follow-up with a call. Make sure to focus the chat on them and their milestone and to refrain from sounding like you’re trying to push a sale; let a business conversation develop naturally.

Send Clients Articles Of Interest: Set up Google Alerts for your clients’ companies and your buyer contacts’ names, as well as their industries and their competitors. You can also sign on for alerts about other topics of interest to your customers. Says Goldberg: “As relevant articles come to my attention, I print them out, slap a sticky note on them saying, ‘Saw this article and thought you might find it useful!’ and then send it to them via snail mail, which I find to be more effective than email.” Goldberg aims to do this once every three weeks for each of his prospects and clients. “Over time they realize you’re not just a typical salesperson trying to get their money, but rather someone who cares about their success.” The more you know about your clients personally, the better this tactic works. “I have a client who loves to golf, but according to him, he stinks at it,” says Goldberg. “When a good golf tips article comes along, I send it to him.”