Sales Boost: Step 2


Step up sales by connecting with quality new clients at trade shows. Here are some quick tips for making the most of your exhibition.

Plan In Advance: Sign up several months before the show to take advantage of discounted rates. Additionally, you’ll have time to thoroughly lay out objectives for the show and strategies for meeting them and maximizing business-boosting potential. Only 18% of exhibitors utilize targeted preshow marketing campaigns, so stand out by getting a list of attendees and sending a clever self-promotion to those you want to meet with. Send part of a gift with a promise of the rest of it upon a meeting or visit to your booth.

Seek Out Expert Advice: Trade show organizers know their success is contingent on you having a successful show. Contact them for assistance with everything from developing a booth that will engage buyers to general tips on how to get the most out of the event.

Get Your Booth Design Right: Exhibition industry stats show that the average trade show attendee will visit approximately 26 exhibitors and 76% of attendees have a list of exhibitors they plan to visit. Create an eye-catching display that draws attendees in while communicating your expertise and brand image. Prior to the show, secure samples from key suppliers of products that will appeal to show goers, keeping in mind the industry you are targeting and the type of initiatives buyers in this niche tend to gravitate toward.

Provide Self-Branded Giveaways: This should go without saying, but be sure to provide prospects you meet at shows with promotional products that bear your branding. Not only does this make you more memorable, it demonstrates firsthand the real-world practical value of the ad specialties you sell.

Understand The Value Of Each Lead: You want to have a clear system for rating whether the people who stop by your booth represent a hot, warm or cold lead. Having pre-established questions to ask each contact is one way to consistently evaluate their readiness to buy. It’s also wise to write down information about buyers; manage this in an orderly fashion by using a form that allows you to quickly jot down the person’s name, interest and how primed they are for a purchase.

Be Fast With Your Follow-Up: Waiting months to contact leads you generated from the show is an error; those once hot prospects could well turn cold. Instead, schedule specific time post-show to follow-up with prospects, starting with the hottest leads first. Strive to contact all relevant leads within weeks of exhibiting.