Editor-in-Chief's Letter - Happiest Run

As the mother of three active daughters, one each in high school, middle school and elementary school, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say my weekends are frantic. Birdie, my oldest, is on the high school volleyball team, and just finished up with a championship beach volleyball season. Seventh-grader Kelsey is a blue-ribbon-winning equestrian and on the cheer squad. And my youngest, Joely, is gearing up to be the next Mia Hamm on her soccer team.

And that’s just a small snapshot of the activities my kids are involved in. (As many parents can relate, I’m both dreading and looking forward to the day when my oldest daughter can start driving herself to the endless practices and trips to the mall.) One of the main components of most of the programs my daughters participate in is raising money for their teams, or participating in special events. Last weekend, all three girls helped wash cars to support Birdie’s volleyball team.

This past July, two of my daughters took part in The Color Run. Though this is a for-profit firm, they have donated more than $3 million to charity since their founding in 2012. They also partner with Global Citizen, an organization that helps to end poverty. The Color Run is billed as the “happiest 5k on the planet.” It’s also a gold mine for promotional items. As you can see in the photo, T-shirts, headbands, sunglasses and tattoos are just some of the products that made up for a great time in an event that my girls were excited to be a part of.

In this issue’s cover story, “Amped-Up Awareness,” you can get inspired (and grab some great ideas) from the case studies by the featured sales pros. For example, Tom Rector of Rector Communications started a philanthropic division at his company to raise funds for worthy causes through T-shirt sales. Samantha Barbero of Motivators Promotional Products delivered custom client-branded wristbands for a breast cancer walk, a cause that’s near to her, as her family has battled this disease.

Everywhere you look, opportunities abound for both promotional sales and charitable service, and promotional products are a powerful tool to raise awareness and act as a constant reminder to participants in a cause event. As Tom Rector says, “When you can take what you do and use it help, that’s an awesome situation.”