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Texting & Driving Campaign

The scourge of texting while driving is such a threat – especially to young drivers – that one community has decided to do something about it. Working with area schools, they have come up with a plan to raise awareness with the help of the students themselves. A collection of top-notch promotions will spur these students to get involved in stamping out distracted driving.

Encourage students to design their own promotional campaign, with PSAs and a poster contest, then gift each participant with some choice goodies. An embossed silicone wristband can identify students as leaders in the fight against untimely texting, and boost their pride in taking on an active role. Keep the message going with a neoprene armband that holds a device while the wearer is working out. A compact charging card with connectors is another product that any phone owner can appreciate

For students who take the pledge to not text and drive, a Bag It or Tag It cellphone bag is handy, as well as a stark reminder of the consequences of texting when behind the wheel. A cellphone-shaped air freshener is a visible, and affordable, reminder of your message. You can also give this serious theme a little break by including a great travel cup that pledgees can take with them in any vehicle.

When students get others to take the pledge, have gifts for them too. Put a full-color imprint on an ice scraper for on-the-road exposure to the cause. A safety tool with flashing LEDs is the perfect companion for traveling. Finally, add a bright, removable decal that reinforces the message where it’s most needed: on the road among other drivers getting ready to pull out their phone at the wrong time. Anticipate a big response thanks to the students’ natural enthusiasm and a timely message. There are plenty of opportunities to involve local businesses such as auto repair shops, dealers and others in this effort. Perhaps taking the pledge can earn participants discounted tire services, or a free appetizer at a nearby eatery. Students can then promote at these establishments and share advertising space and costs, thereby benefitting both the community and its businesses, and sharing with everyone the importance of a deadly serious message.