Sales Boost: Step 3


An effective digital marketing strategy directly contributes to increased sales. Here are tips for building digital engagement.

Start a YouTube Channel: YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google. It generates a higher post-click engagement rate than any other social media platform. Combine that with the fact that people increasingly want to be engaged via video, and you realize YouTube is a must for serious online marketers. For your channel, look to create short videos in which you position yourself as a promotional products expert. This can include showcasing specific products and discussing how they could fit into broader marketing campaigns for prospective buyers. Make sure each video includes a call-to-action – as well as your website and contact information. Post links to these videos on your other social platforms.

Implement Best Practices On Social Sites: Stats to know: Pinterest posts with human faces get re-pinned 23% more often. Tweets with images that use are 94% more likely to be retweeted. Facebook posts with photos get 120% more engagement than those without. As these stats highlight, there are general posting practices that can be implemented on social platforms to help you maximize the reach of your posts. Check out social media scientist Dan Zarrella’s website for more best-practice tips

Measure Your Success: Improve the returns you generate through social media by knowing what kind of tweets and posts resonate with your audience. Use services like Simply Measured to gauge things such as most-liked posts and average likes/comments per post. Meanwhile, sites like Socialbakers and deliver analytics about your online traffic and audience, and insights into SEO strategies for your business.

Make Your Website Your Online Centerpiece: Post content on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that links back to your website. Ensure links to your site are prominently displayed. Your website is often where prospects will decide whether or not to connect with you, so keep the site easy to use.

Be Mobile-Ready: The proliferation of smartphones and tablets makes it clear that the future lies in mobile. So ensure your website is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Also, advance beyond the competition by offering an app that’s helpful for your customers, and by looking into possibilities with opt-in text message marketing.

Deploy Brand and Campaign Hashtags: A brand hashtag can be your name, your company’s name or even a company tagline. A campaign hashtag is one you create for a specific marketing initiative. Using these – and getting others to use them – will get your tweets viewed by more potential prospects on Twitter. Use campaign hashtags, for instance, to promote a creative contest, sweepstake, deal or initiative – an excellent way of increasing audience engagement and opportunities for sales.