Blast From the Past

Lickety Split

At the 2014 ASI Power Summit one panel discussion focused on a “need for speed” in today’s business climate. With an increase in rush orders coming in, some suppliers have revamped processes to push product out the door faster. Some will even ship the day the order was received.

It wasn’t always that way. Take a trip down memory lane via 60 years of Counselor magazine and you’ll witness an industry that worked about as fast as a Kardashian solving a simple algebra problem.

In the ’50s when you wanted a product, well, you simply wrote a letter to the manufacturer requesting said products, and within 4-6 weeks it arrived. Talk about having to plan ahead with your clients.

But things progressed, and by the ’60s, more and more businesses added telephone numbers to their ads and a jobber could now call and request a sample, cutting the delivery time in half. However, orders were still handled via mail so speed was just an illusion. Faxes made that better in the ’80s and ’90s, and some crazy suppliers started to offer, get this, 5-day rush service.

Fast forward to today and you can sit in a client’s office with smartphone in hand, search ESP for a product, place the order and actually have it the next day. The only question that remains is, can we get any faster? Time will tell. Until then, enjoy this stuff I found in November Counselors.