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From “Advantages Hot Deals”

It’s a Date

The Pitch: You will never see the Huston fridge or my desk at home or in the office without a calendar on them. In my opinion, calendars are the perfect holiday gift for any business to give their customers. To state the obvious, they remain to be seen for a long time, keeping your clients top of mind. Don’t delay on getting your orders in for award-winning Triumph Calendars by Bic Graphic (asi/40480). Their new NUVO unique die-cut frame holds 12 monthly sheets. The die-cut areas create a dimensional look to the various elements, including the imprint. There are two themes to choose from: motivations or scenes. They are printed with a full-color, four-color process and imprint is available at no additional charge. Suggest these to clients in retail, health care, insurance and many more markets. For more information, click here:

The Bottom Line: A cost-effective option.

Hey, Sugar

The Pitch: As I mentioned earlier, it’s National Coffee Day. But really, for most of us isn’t every day coffee day? So who wouldn’t appreciate the 10-oz. Aztec Spooner Mug with removable, matching spoon attached (to stir in your cream and sugar, Sugar)? It’s from Hit Promotional Products (asi/61125). It meets FDA requirements and hand washing is recommended. Get it for as low as $2.99-C. Suggest it for diners and cafes, and contact your HR clients about new employee welcome gifts. To see all the pretty colors available, click here:

The Bottom Line: Jazzy java.

I Challenge You

The Pitch: Starline (asi/89320) suggests that you take the ice challenge by: 1. Delivering a sample of something from their Vacuum Drinkware collections to your clients with ice already in it; 2. Asking them to call you when the ice melts; 3. Waiting up to 48 hours (that’s two whole days, folks) to hear from them (because the drinkware is just that good at keeping things hot and cold); and 4. Sharing your success with Starline through one of their social media sites (#StarlineIceChallenge). It really is a great way to engage clients and prospects and of course, everyone uses drinkware so the possibilities are endless. You can hear cute Brian from Starline talk about it here:

The Bottom Line: Drink up, everybody.

Powerful Impact

The Pitch: We at Advantages just ran an article in our “Gift Guide” issue about the best gifts end-users have ever received. Some were quirky and fun (like a pink, blinged-out superhero cape), and others were super practical, like a mobile charger. Prime Line (asi/79530) offers a new Power Stick Mobile Charger for as low as $19.98-C. Pitch it for tech promos, college recruitment efforts and job fairs, legal clients and more. See all the specific features here:

The Bottom Line: All charged up.

From “Counselor PromoGram”

Counselor How-To: Protect Your Firm’s Reputation

It could happen to you – maybe it already has. A disgruntled employee, an angry customer, or an underhanded competitor could try to burn you by spreading rumors, lies, or misinformation about your business. “Bad news travels faster than good news,” says Mike Emoff, CEO of Shumsky (asi/326300). “I kind of wish I could market good news like bad news, but you can’t.”

How you handle a wave or, possibly worse yet, a slow trickle of bad PR will determine the future success of your company. Responding well can limit the damage, but protecting your reputation should start long before a crisis is upon you. Nowadays, protecting your reputation means staying ahead of the news, experts insist. MSNBC’s Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, believes Google Alerts gives you a good watchdog to do just that.

“It will notify you when certain keywords are said in any kind of media outlet or Web link. You put your company’s name and your key personnel in there, and if anything is said about them, you immediately get notified via email,” he says.

Emoff, also a Google Alerts proponent, has used the tool to keep ahead of potential drama. Why? The last thing Emoff wants is for one bit of bad press to be picked up later by a wire service or an industry blog, giving legs to something that might not even be true. “Something bad can happen now and be posted in three hours,” he says. “I want to know about it before then so we can send PR out to our industry magazines to circumvent – or at least preempt – any major issue. If it’s set up right, Google Alerts works for our industry and our size because it’s free.