Home Gifts

Home gifts are a great way to say thank you or to congratulate someone for a job well done. Serving dishes, keepsake boxes and bar accessories are popular options. Indeed, consider that branded housewares/tools generated some $533 million in the promotional products industry last year.

You’re Invited

When an end-user needed packaging for an upcoming promotion, The Platform Group Gallery (asi/78708) had the solution:

a GalleryBoard packaging piece (E-15 R-10) with a ready-made Red Bull imprint. “This end-user promotes heavily via sponsorships of action sports, and through live events and concerts,” says Allison Gower, president/founder of The Platform Group Gallery. “Often, key customers are invited to co-sponsor events or for hospitality and relationship-building. Gift boxes containing samples and event information are a standard way to invite customers to events and to solicit co-sponsorship.”

To create a program, the end-user works with an advertising agency, which then partners with an industry reseller, who receives the details of the items to go inside the packaging and delivery method, such as hand delivery or bulk shipment. The Red Bull branded box has been re-run several times for this end-user, each time at a quantity between 30 and 175 pieces. The recipients were VIPs like top customers, important sales team members and co-branding partners. “These runs aren’t measured in percent conversion,” says Gower. “Instead, clients look at loyalty and relationships. Perhaps key retail buyers decide to dedicate more shelf space to the end-users’ line, or the sales team was incented to sell more of a new line extension.”

Ready-made GalleryBoard Packaging is ideal for situations in which customers want to build relationships with existing clients, prospect for new ones, sample debuting products or develop fresh campaigns with current clients.