Editor’s Letter - Perfect Presents

I love my mother-in-law, Rosie. But she is the worst person to buy presents for. Well, at least she was until I finally figured out simply to never buy her clothing.

She returns every piece of clothing anyone’s ever bought for her. Even when she buys it for herself, back it goes. Give her some nice jewelry, cozy home-related items like candles, gift cards to Olive Garden or Kohl’s, and anything related to martinis (a bottle of Absolut absolutely goes over well) and it’s all good.

As easy as it might seem, gift-giving is an art – or maybe a science – with experimentation and formulas necessary for matching the perfect gift to the recipient. So every year we wrap up our mid-September “Gift Guide” issue and send it to you with a bow. (No bow? Yours must have fallen off.) We pack it with helpful insights on choosing perfect presents, gift ideas that are available from industry suppliers and lists of lesser-known holidays you can celebrate with clients to help you stand out from the Christmas and Hanukkah gift-givers. Have you ever celebrated Penguin Awareness Day or Go Fishing Day? How about Embrace Your Geekness Day (which, by the way, has “Blast from the Past’s” Joe Haley written all over it)? I didn’t think so. Perhaps you will after reading “Every Day’s a Holiday.”

In “The Best Gift I Ever Got,” ad specialty buyers and end-users tell us about the favorite business gifts they’ve received. As writer Susan Thomas Springer notes, “The best business gift is definitely in the eye of the beholder.” One person might appreciate high quality and high function, while another might prefer fun and quirky above all.

One such fun and quirky person featured in the article is Taryn Scher, a PR pro who goes by the title of The Sparkle Boss of TK PR. Her office walls are painted pink and her company has a shiny diamond logo. OK, two things: 1. I want to be known from this point on as The Sparkle Boss of Advantages magazine, and have alerted Senior Writer Chris Ruvo to that fact; 2. I would love to get together for a sparkly happy hour and share pink cocktails with this chick. You will have to read the story, which starts on p. 48, to find out just what kooky and creative gift tickled her fancy.

And don’t overlook the packaging, which kicks both the gift and your sales up a notch. There are all kinds of custom options available from suppliers, from playful to sophisticated, so don’t neglect this important last step in gift giving. You’re looking for a “wow,” after all.

We’re always looking for a “wow” too, or any type of feedback for that matter, so let me know what you think of this year’s gift edition and Advantages in general.

See you in two weeks!