Business Gifts

Whether as a means of expressing appreciation, developing relationships or simply generating goodwill, gifts for employees and clients are an increasingly important part of corporate outreach. ASI’s Corporate Gift Spending Survey documented a four-year peak in spending on client and employee gifts, with nearly two-thirds of responding companies branding those gifts with their company logo.

Tasteful Gifts

As the holiday season began to approach, a retail jeweler with 2,200 locations across the United States and Canada was looking for a gift to make the season an extra-special time for its harried employees. With three different brands under its corporate umbrella, and its own prestigious image in mind, this client insisted on a food gift of exceptional taste and appearance – one that could be enjoyed by a group without any further preparation on the premises. The same gift also had to be available for distribution to all locations, but designed so that each of the three chains was represented individually.

Working with an Eastern Canadian distributor, the client was introduced to Chocolate Inn’s (asi/44900) Medium Chocolate Delights Gift Box (TR16), which contains a customized centerpiece and 32 chocolate pieces made with the supplier’s premium- quality Swiss formulation recipe. The centerpieces were designed differently according to the individual brands, while the smaller truffle pieces decorated with “2013” and “Happy Holidays” were identical in each gift box.

Not surprisingly, the feedback from the recipients in the many locations, as well as from the corporate offices, was overwhelmingly positive. Wisely choosing to get its holiday shopping completed early for the following year, the retailer quickly placed a re-order for the 2014 holiday season with the same stipulations. As it turns out, sometimes it’s not so bad to get the same gift every year.