Snugz/USA Inc.

This Utah supplier is celebrating its success with a relocation to a brand-new, custom-built facility.

This Utah supplier is celebrating its success with a relocation to a brand-new, custom-built facility.

SnugZ/USA Inc. (asi/88060)

has manufactured in the United States for more than a quarter of a century and is showing no signs of stopping now. Back in 1989, the fledgling company made a name for itself by producing a line of customizable eyewear retainers, with fewer than 10 employees shouldering the load. Even though SnugZ/USA is now in a brand-new location with more than 300 workers, the company’s philosophy hasn’t changed: “Customers are our first priority, period,” says Brandon Brown, director of marketing.

While the supplier also offered lanyards in the early years, the eye retainers allowed them to make a name for themselves in the industry. But then, things changed. “Starting in 1995, our lanyards became more and more popular,” says Brown. “We found that the lanyard market—which had been growing steadily—was now positively booming. By 1997, our lanyards actually began outselling our eye retainers.”

In 1999, the company introduced its innovative, versatile Clamshell lanyard that accommodates either a clip-on or pin-on namebadge. “This Clamshell construction is now imitated by nearly every lanyard supplier out there,” says Brown. “We also offer the most attachments available in the industry. By the year 2000, the lanyards took over the precious first pages of the SnugZ catalog, now followed by personal care and our own SweetZ line.”

Recently, SnugZ/USA moved all operations and employees to a brand-new, custom-built facility in West Jordan, UT, while maintaining the same high standards of service and product quality. This is thanks in large part to their USA-based production.

Hot Tip

Consider bundling several Snugz/USA items – such as a lanyard, bottle of sunscreen, tube of lipbalm and neoprene bracelet – in a giveaway package that’s perfect for promoting the host of an outdoor summer event.

“Since our items are made in the USA, our quality comes from not only our dedication to our products, but also the standards to which we hold them,” says Brown. “We’re one of the only lanyard, personal care and food and gift facilities to be Quality Certification Alliance-accredited. We meet high standards for quality, and we’re compliant and socially responsible. We also offer additional advantages of being in the USA: We provide our customers with shorter delivery times and savings in shipping and customs, all while helping to maintain a strong economy and providing jobs.”

Case Studies

Last summer, SnugZ/USA’s jumbo sunscreen sticks were used at a professional golf tournament as a promotion. “Attendees were greeted with a useful, high-quality item that was convenient to use and store,” says Brandon Brown, director of marketing. “Plus, it was a USA-made product. It was a perfect item for the event because the recipients were outside in the sun for a long period of time and they used the jumbo sunscreen sticks to reapply their SPF.” Brown says it’s always a good idea to buy American, especially when shopping for personal-care products like sunscreen or lip balm. “We have high standards and FDA regulation requirements that each item must meet,” he explains. “With summer festivals, company picnics and Labor Day events in the works right now, USA-made products are a great way to promote a business while distributing a high-quality product that recipients will appreciate and use.”