Next Products

Finding a reason to buy American is easier than ever with the quality and variety offered by this Midwestern supplier.

Finding a reason to buy American is easier than ever with the quality and variety offered by this Midwestern supplier.

If a curious distributor is considering purchasing drinkware from Shelbyville, IN-based Next Products (asi/73871), they may wisely opt to choose one of the pieces proudly made in Next’s facility by them and their manufacturing parent. Or not. Next Products doesn’t sell only USA-made, after all, they just love selling USA-made because it makes so much sense.

When company president Jeff Batson talks about his product line, he can’t help but stress the multi-faceted value of their own drinkware products, and of USA-made goods in general. “It’s not to say that imported products are bad, we have our own quality imported product line,” he explains. “It’s just that I could think of a lot more good things to say about a USA-made product.” And he does. Things that don’t ring with empty platitudes, but instead carefully weigh the value of one or the other - and can’t seem to avoid the conclusion that, when given a choice, American-made is the way to go.

“All things being equal, why buy USA made products?” he asks. Batson then ticks off a list of inarguable, bottom-line reasons: rigid federal regulations that neutralize the anxiety of product safety issues, for one; a reliable inventory so customers can satisfy any order without undue delay. “You won’t be waiting three months for a product we make,” he assures. And, crucially for budget-conscious customers, what Batson calls the “mistaken assumption” that there needs to be any significant difference in price between imported and domestically manufactured.

Still, there are other, slightly more idealistic reasons, for choosing from Next Products’s award-winning line of attractively-designed and imprinted USA-made drinkware. There’s the certainty of knowing your product was made by a fairly-compensated, talented and conscientious workforce. Or, in a larger context, the simple logic of supporting the same economy that sustains one’s own business and community. “You can make sound business decisions that are not completely driven by cost,” Batson says. What Next Products’ USA-made line does is offer all those less tangible values, alongside the fundamental advantages that come from quality products, flexible manufacturing and honest affordability.

“It’s great to be patriotic,” Batson says. “I’m a veteran – but there has to be a compelling value.” Next Products creates that value for their customers, becoming one of ASI’s fastest growing suppliers in the process, all on the strength of knowing how to give their customers the most for their money, in more than just one way.