Medalcraft Mint

Let this experienced supplier help design an awards program that will earn you praise.

Let this experienced supplier help design an awards program that will earn you praise.

Employee recognition is something that’s often too easy for businesses to overlook. Companies lucky enough to have a top-notch staff may grow too accustomed to the efforts their people put in, missing opportunities to give them the notice they deserve and reinforce a positive company culture.

This is where Medalcraft Mint (asi/70130) really shines. Since 1943, the supplier has helped organizations bestow thanks and congratulations upon their best and brightest. The supplier has done so with incredible craftsmanship, design and materials – with nearly all of it done completely in the U.S.

“Our differentiating value,” says company Director of Sales Cheryl Gallup, “is that we are Made-in-the-USA, which affects our speed to market and is just a better quality product. Plus, it helps support the economy.”

Medalcraft Mint has been supporting its own little corner of the economy in Green Bay, WI, for decades, employing a team of award-winning artists and craftsmen to create a range of beautiful, high-quality commemoratives and recognitions.

aving all this talent in-house gives Medalcraft Mint logistic advantages beyond just having a great group of problem-solvers at arm’s length. “Our average lead time is three weeks after art is approved, but we can do things in 5 to7 business days if absolutely necessary,” Gallup says. “That’s a much better timeline than China.”

Especially beneficial to distributor partners is Medalcraft Mint’s experience with annuity programs. If the phrase “money in the bank” grabs your attention, these programs are worth looking into. Some examples include dealership plaques or sales achievement awards, but the important thing is that a distributor can sell the program once, then reap the rewards over and over, on whichever schedule the program follows, whether it’s monthly, quarterly or annually. “I would really like to impress how beneficial they are for distributors to sell,” says Gallup. “These may include a challenge coin with years of service all the way to gorgeous custom made crystal.”

“We do everything in house, whether it’s etching, engraving, hand-enamel – everything down to the lapel pins.”

Cheryl Gallup, Medalcraft Mint (asi/70130)

Medalcraft Mint’s extensive line of elegant and functional creations makes designing an effective annuity program easy. From coasters to challenge coins and larger items like plaques and crystal awards, this supplier has everything a distributor needs to build the kind of recognition program that clients can return to year after year. “We really are an awards recognition company,” says Gallup.

“We do everything in-house, whether it’s etching, engraving, hand-enamel – everything down to the lapel pins.”

After such a long time performing at such a high level, it’s almost like Medalcraft Mint deserves its own recognition. Hopefully, the ASI Five-Star Supplier rating will suffice. Distributors, avail yourself of the typically Midwestern values of service and pride in a job done right that Medalcraft Mint embodies. It certainly knows how to earn its accolades, as well as helping you and your customers earn some of your own.

Case Study

Medalcraft Mint (asi/70130) is known for its creative staff of artists. When an insurance company recently wanted a desktop item to help their sales team focus on selling to the made-in-USA manufacturing segment, Medalcraft’s creative expertise was a huge benefit. After a lengthy prototype process, working together with the distributor and end-user, Medalcraft designed a final product that achieved a perfect blend of art with brand marketing and awareness. The item features an aluminum gear on the back imprinted with the USA flag and a front gear that is leaded so, when it is spun, it always lands with the logo upright. Die-struck in the back of the medal is a story designed to promote both Medalcraft and USA manufacturing. The entire process was a perfect example of a successful promotion made possible by Medalcraft’s commitment to their customers and by the higher standards found in made-in-the-USA manufacturing.