With American-made magnets and device skins, you can be sure the message will stick.

With American-made magnets and device skins, you can be sure the message will stick.

In southeastern Missouri, on the banks of the Mississippi River, is Cape Girardeau, home to Magna-Tel (asi/68480). Founded in 1959, this industry supplier specializes in American-made flexible magnets and removable skins for electronic devices.

“We’re family-owned,” says marketing director Beth Mungle, CAS, BASI, “and we started out by selling a rear-mounted vehicle sign called ‘The Bumpa-Tel Sign’. We introduced the first magnetic car sign in the early 1960s. Our magnet line has continued to expand over the years, and we introduced removable skins for electronic devices, called Techno-Skinz, in 2007.”

Magna-Tel offers a full line of magnetic products that are entirely made in the USA, including over 500 stock shapes and more than 100 stock designs. “The customization is very important to keep in mind,” Mungle says. “They can be designed in virtually any size, shape and color.” Clients can turn these magnets into coupons, vehicle signage or use them as calendars and effective mailers, serving a nearly limitless set of applications. “We offer different materials and print processes for those that will be used in exterior locations,” Mungle says, “to ensure they hold up to the outdoor elements.” The company has recently introduced Mini Magnetic Bookmarks with packaging (22071) that arrive with two mini magnetic bookmarks on a carrier card in a poly bag with hang tag, perfect for nonprofit fundraisers, retail gift shops and literacy programs.

The commitment to taking magnetic advertising to new places has even led Magna-Tel to find a way of turning old magnets into something brand new. The supplier’s Eco-Friendly line uses ground-up discarded magnets to make 50% of the magnetic backing of this style, so even the most demanding of environmentally aware clients can take advantage of Magna-Tel’s promotional expertise.

Additional bestselling styles include the Pocket Pal and photo frames.

In addition to magnets, Magna-Tel is meeting huge demand for customizable device skins, which can be produced in virtually any shape and color. Made in America with phthalate-free vinyl and UV-coated for durability, they can be easily applied to and removed from just about any electronic device. “We use very low-tac adhesive vinyl, so it’s very easy to apply and remove and it won’t leave behind any sticky residue,” Mungle says. “They won’t come off unless you pull them off.” Customers can now choose to add a white clip to the Techno-Skinz for holding photos and memos when used on stainless-steel appliances.

Device skins come in stock and custom styles, and Magna-Tel offers a product called “Create Your Own Techno-Skinz,” in which clients can customize a 5 ¼” x 8 ½” sheet or an 8 ½” x 10 ½” sheet with an assortment of device skin styles for MP3 players, cellphones, laptops or custom shapes. “And we can do all of this without a set-up or die charge,” says Mungle.

Magna-Tel is proud to provide customers with the benefits of American-made items. “Made-in-America products keep the American economy growing,” says Mungle. “We also promote our local economy; many of our employees have worked for us for 10 to 20 plus years. Customers also benefit in terms of product safety, because we know what goes into the final product, and turnaround times. We can turn magnets in as quickly as one day with our Zoom Service options.”

Hot markets for American products include schools, health care, technology, government, hospitality, sports teams, fundraisers, bars and restaurants and the pet niche. Practically any industry is an ideal fit.

“Recently, a Parent-Teacher organization needed a product to sell as a fundraiser,” says Mungle. “They chose our Pick 2 Magnetic Car Signs, and sold 1,000 at $5 each to students, parents and other supporters in the community. After the campaign, $4,000 directly benefited the school.”

In another recent promotion, a liquor company needed a product to help create awareness of a new premium spirit added to its product line. “They gave away our iPhone Techno-Skinz at liquor stores and bars,” Mungle says. “It was inexpensive and sparked interest in the new product.”

Case Study

When a university was looking for unique, yet universal, items to use as part of new student orientation giveaways, Magna-Tel (asi/68480) had the answer. A “Create Your Own” Techno-Skinz sheet was used as a part of the giveaways. With this sheet, the client was able to incorporate a skin that was die-cut into the shape of its logo. The sheet also included details about social events available to students over orientation weekend, which proved an ideal way to greet the new student body while also promoting school pride.