Logo Mats LLC

Walk on over to this supplier of high-quality custom floor mats.

Walk on over to this supplier of high-quality custom floor mats.

Virtually every business’s entranceway is a perfect location for a high-quality custom floor mat from Logo Mats, LLC (asi/67849). The LaGrange, GA-based supplier is proud to offer indoor and outdoor styles that are entirely made in the USA.

“We focus solely on USA-made floor mats, so we can offer short lead-times and excellent quality,” says sales manager Miles Wadsworth. “They’re in and out the door, and end-buyers can have a custom mat within three to five days. No order is too big or too small. We’ll do just one mat, because many businesses only have one entrance. They’re the first impression a business makes on visitors.”

Logo Mats’ products not only feature crisp, bright logos, but are also functional pieces; they collect what comes in—whether it’s water, dirt, snow or salt—and also keep materials outside, making for a safer, healthier environment, as well as decreased cleaning costs. And because of the mats’ versatility, they’re perfect for practically any industry. “Any entrance can use one of our mats,” says Wadsworth. “A large mat with a logo at the front says ‘We care about the business and what we do’.”

The Waterhog Inlay High Traffic Mat (234-35)

The DigiPrint HD Mat (73-35)

The SuperScrape Impressions Mat (3559-35)


Floor mats can also be used as a marketing package to showcase a new product. “For instance, a retail store might feature a newly arrived lawn mower model,” says Wadsworth. “Businesses often have a banner overhead, a sign to the side and a branded mat on the floor in front of the featured item.”

Additionally, the supplier offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if the customer isn’t happy, Logo Mats will work to make it right or will offer a full refund. Distributors will also appreciate no setup or art fees. “All our products have a three- to five-year lifespan,” says Wadsworth, “which is short enough for distributors to get reorders and long enough to be considered a quality product. Everything is made of sustainable materials, including 20% or more recycled content, and most can be recycled.” Logo Mats also benefits the community and the larger American employment market by hiring local employees and providing jobs to the Atlanta area.

One of the company’s current bestsellers is the SuperScrape Impressions Mat (3559-35). Made of rubber, it features a picture-quality high-definition print and keeps dirt and grime outside. “It’s currently the number-one outdoor logo mat, and it’s a great advertising piece,” says Wadsworth. “It’s not limited to one color. We can do virtually anything.”

Furthermore, Logo Mats also offers the indoor/outdoor Waterhog Inlay High Traffic Mat (234-35), an extremely durable product that absorbs 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. Square nubs on top clean and dry off footwear, ideal for regions with harsh weather. The most popular mat style from Logo Mats is the DigiPrint HD Mat (73-35), an indoor mat that features exceptional high-definition graphics.

“A distributor could focus on these three products and be successful with mats,” says Wadsworth. “Many times, distributors will have them printed with their own name and display them in their showrooms, letting visiting end-buyers know they offer them.” Wadsworth also suggests that distributors look for branded floor mats on sales calls to clients. “If they don’t have one, let them know what you can offer to them,” he suggests. “We have free proofs and sample kits, so customers can see their printed logo and touch the actual materials. Our product is out there and distributors are successfully selling them. It’s a quality custom product and a nice opportunity to sell at healthy margins.”

Case Studies

Recently, Logo Mats (asi/67849) worked with an ASI distributor to develop a marketing package for a retail store chain. “Our customer sold the package to the chain’s owner,” says sales manager Miles Wadsworth. “The stores received the package as a ‘thank you’ for being a top seller of their products. We were a part of the marketing package, which included pens, T-shirts and mats.” Additionally, the supplier produces customized self-promotional mats for several customers, usually for the front of their stores. “We made a very large T-shirt-shaped mat for a customer who does a lot of embroidery and screen printing,” says Wadsworth. While Logo Mats specializes in ones and twos, the company also does many orders in which the first mat purchase soon grows into much more than originally anticipated. For example, one of Logo Mats’ customers sold a mat for the entryway of their client’s restaurant. “It caught the eye of the restaurant chain’s owner, and he wanted it in all of his locations,” says Wadsworth. “The small original sale resulted in a much larger sale for our customer. We pride ourselves on the quality of products, so this type of situation happens a lot!”