Great American Drinkware

Drink to this Ohio supplier that offers American-made drinkware, flying discs and customization options.

Drink to this Ohio supplier that offers American-made drinkware, flying discs and customization options.

When outdoor events are planned, Great American Drinkware (asi/58098) has the answers. The company offers drinkware, including tumblers, cups and bottles, as well as flying discs and saucers. They have customization options, including screen printing, pad printing and their Splash Service, a 4-color heat transfer printing process that results in vivid, bright colors.

“The majority of our molding is done in-house,” says Pat Brennan, co-owner. “This includes our WingRing (WR-912), a flying ring, and the Zingbee (ZB-914), our flying disc. All printing is also done in our Ohio facility.”

Distributors can soon expect new items in the company’s line of offerings. “We’ll be adding more hard goods to our lineup this year,” says Anna Mathews, co-owner.

Among the company’s hot sellers are the Econo Tumblers (ET-18), a versatile SOLO cup-inspired style, as well as the Colosseum Cup, “an upscale stadium cup that doesn’t kill budgets,” says Brennan.

Great American Drinkware is proud to offer items made-in-the-USA, which provide direct benefits for distributors and end-users. “We keep jobs here on our shores, and we can control quality,” says Mathews. “We offer fast turn times for large orders.” Brennan adds that the in-house molding process means large orders can be tackled immediately, without having to wait for overseas factories to begin production or for cargo ships to make their way across the ocean. “We have the flexibility for more specific specialty orders,” Brennan explains. “If you need 25,000 orange cups, we can start making them today.”

Among the hot markets for Great American Drinkware’s products are outdoor occasions, including picnics, conventions and athletic events. “The Colosseum Cup has been popular with baseball games,” says Brennan. “The Dayton Dragons minor league baseball team, has used them for promotions.” Meanwhile, the flying discs and rings are in demand at colleges, beach events and campgrounds. State colleges and memorabilia companies love that Great American Drinkware offers products made in America.

One classic American company was able to offer a made-in-the-USA product while directly benefiting from the quick turn times that Great American Drinkware offers. This well-known motorcycle company chose the Econo Tumbler for a promotion, and asked that the cups be specially customized. The supplier was able to custom mix the colorants of the plastic to give the cups the distinctive shimmer of automotive paint in a variety of colors to match the different bikes.

“We were able to do it in three weeks because the items are made here in Ohio,” says Brennan.