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Help support American innovation with the one-of-a-kind creations from this supplier.

Help support American innovation with the one-of-a-kind creations from this supplier.

For more than 30 years, Corry Enterprises has sought out the items that make a promotion something to remember. They choose carefully and selectively, opting only for those unusual and unexpected products that serve as unforgettable ambassadors for your client’s brand. “We limited our product line to only a few items in order to do the best by our customers and by our inventors,” says company owner Bill Corry. The result is a small but very interesting group of patented products that refuse to be ignored.

“We search for unusual and unknown, yet practical, products,” Corry says. Those products are often the creation of what Corry terms “American ‘garage’ inventors,” uniquely inspired men and women who envision the products that don’t yet exist, but should. These are products that serve an unfulfilled consumer need and which are sure to find great favor with the lucky end-user who owns one.

The Spirit Ice Vice is a prime example of Corry Enterprise’s flair for the ingeniously practical. Using the thermal conductivity of metal, the Spirit Ice Vice quickly transforms ice into a perfect 2-1/2” ball that fits perfectly in a low ball glass. The minimum surface area of the ice ball brings maximum cold while protecting the integrity of your spirit’s flavor. It’s a simple, elegant way to add unmatched refinement to your experience. It is Made-in-the USA with typically American attention to detail.

Consider, too, the “Hip Klip,” an incredibly convenient clip-on pocket designed to hold tablets and cellphones that “klips” to the user’s waistband without the need for belts or belt loops. The item also has additional zipper pockets that provide a safe and secure place to carry passports, keys, credit cards, cash, glasses or any small item you want handy. Made of stainless steel, the patented “klip” can resist 100 pounds of force, making it almost impossible to be pulled off. “It’s perfect for concerts, travel, even walking the dog,” Corry says.

For drivers struggling to keep their cellphones safely in view, the “Hercules Holder” fits inside an automobile’s cup holder for GPS use and hands-free talking. It requires no installation or adjusting. It is portable and can come with its own magnetized cup holder. Put it on the fridge, a filing cabinet, the desk, a toolbox, even a tractor!

These unique accessories help distributors satisfy their clients’ demand for brand exposure. “These are not static products,” says Corry. “They’re flashy and dynamic.”

Corry Enterprises is proud to help support the independent American inventors who develop these  products. “Corry Enterprises is dedicated to supporting and investing in American ingenuity,” Corry says. “Join us by carrying our products!”