The Color Wheel

Need help matching your clothes and accessories? Use the color wheel!

How to Use: Start with a core color in your outfit. This would be taken from, for example, a sport coat. Then find pieces – shirts, skirts, ties, pants, etc. – in accent colors that work with the core color. Accent colors can be complementary, triad, analogous or neutral. On the color wheel, complementary colors are directly across each other. Analogous colors border each other. Triad colors, meanwhile, are equidistant on the wheel. If you follow accent pairings suggested by the wheel, you’ll look sharp and coordinated.

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Danny’s Color Tips

Danny Tsai, VP of merchandising at apparel supplier Tri-Mountain (asi/92125), offers three tips for getting things right when it comes to color and clothes.

  1. If it works for your body type, consider staying in the same tone. “It gives you a slimming effect,” says Tsai.
  2. Stay with colors that match the season; bright colors are a bad bet in winter, for example.
  3. Wear colors that work with your skin tone.