9 Tips For Removing Common Stains

To get rid of deodorant stains, rub a dryer sheet on them. 

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Dab egg yolk, two tablespoons of warm water and just a touch of rubbing alcohol on coffee stains.

Remove pasta sauce stains and other tomato-based discolorations by rubbing them with a combination of vinegar and water.


Remove red wine stains by dabbing them with white wine, or pouring the white wine over the red wine stain before washing.

Use Coca-Cola to remove grease stains. First rub Coca-Cola into the stain using a cloth. Then, soak the stain with Coke, allowing the garment to lie flat for 15 minutes. Finally, pour Coke into the washing machine along with the shirt.

To nix sweat stains, create a paste from three aspirin pills and two tablespoons of warm water. Apply the paste to the stains. Let it work its magic over the course of an hour. Wash in cold or warm water.

Suffuse lipstick stains with hairspray. Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then lightly press with a damp cloth.

Apply shaving cream – or shampoo – to a foundation stain. Then, wash. 

Soak ink stains in a bowl that has two-parts milk, one part vinegar. Let sit overnight. Then, wash.