5 Fashion Faux Pas Businesswomen Must Avoid

From getting the right fit to dressing best for your body type, to advice on accessories, fashion faux pas to avoid, clothing maintenance hacks and more, we’ve got the tips that will have you dressing for success.

--Dressing too provocatively (at left). “Unless you’re out for a night on the town, there’s no need to have cleavage, an inseam that barely covers your behind, strapless, and skin tight all in one,” says Anna Livermore, CEO/founder of V. Mora, a fashion consulting firm.

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--VPL. “There is never an excuse for visible panty lines,” says Livermore. “Buy a thong.” And make sure those bra straps are concealed, too.

--Kitten heels. Not becoming – or comfortable. “Opt for wedges instead,” Livermore says.

--Clashing accessories. “Make sure that your outfit matches your handbag and shoes for a cohesive look,” says Jennifer Tsai, VP of operations at Tri-Mountain (asi/92125).

--Overdoing the animal prints. Often it’s better to eschew these, but if you’re going to incorporate them, keep it toned down and tasteful.


  1. Anklets
  2. Toe and nose rings
  3. Multiple piercings in ears
  4. Jangly jewelry
  5. Scrunchies