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The rise of the microbrewery has rescued suds-enthusiasts from an era of boring beer monoculture. These small brewers are perfect candidates for fun promos, and the wise owners of Skunk City Brewing have already brewed up a batch of giveaways.

First up is the popular local tavern that is hosting the big Friday night unveiling of this latest libation. When patrons put their coins down for the 24-oz. size, pour it into a tall colorful yard “glass” and send them to the back of the line. Skunk City is up on their beer trends, the latest of which is the revival of canned craft brews. Skunk’s summer ale is a dependable seller, and a bunch of neoprene, four-color can coolers are a sure way to keep the buzz about this brew from settling. In addition, every bottle set upon the bar should have a pulpboard circle coaster beneath it, printed in brilliant four-color process.

For retail sales, the retro-appeal of a die-cast bottle opener makes for a memorable handout with purchase of a full case of any Skunk City offering. The brewer’s 22-oz. bottles of Knockout Stout wisely carry a seed-paper neck tag that details the painstaking process by which it is created, and also its robust ABV percentage. Four-packs of their seasonal Pineapple Ale run a bit pricey, so a fun Hawaiian patterned cap makes a great gift-with-purchase that proves wearers have a good head for beer.

When Skunk City pitches their tent at the annual Spring Brew Festival, serve the visitors in a rugged 16-oz. cup. When loyal Skunk fans have one of each of the brewer’s varieties, serve the last in a stainless-steel brew cup with built-in bottle opener. About this time, visitors may have sampled from the many food booths as well, so a logoed soap-infused towel would be nice to mop up with.

With an in-demand product made by committed, conscientious brewers, this is a promotion that is sure to go down easy.

Don’t target only one group. Think of all groups that will be involved with an event and pitch products for each. Here are your stretch goals.

Yard glass 500 @ 2.36 (R)
Coolie 500 @ 2.29 (R)
Coaster  500 @ 0.27 (U)
Opener 1000 @ 6.30 (P)
Necker  1000 @ 1.00 (P)
Cap  1000 @ 5.59 (R)
Plastic Cup   5000 @ 0.51 (R)
Pint Glass  100 @ 11.99 (R)
Towel   500 @ 1.07 (S)

New Product

This 16” tall plastic yard drinkware holds 24 oz. of beverage. From USBEV Plastics, asi/93135, 727-375-8840.

This collapsible coolie is made in the USA from high-quality 3.5mm neoprene. From Best Promotions USA LLC, asi/40344,972-552-3636.

Custom pulpboard circle coaster features full-color printing on both sides. Available from Coaster Factory, asi/43677,866-233-7628.

Retail Sales

Durable, die-cast bottle opener has handy hook for belt loop and antique brass finish. From Innovation Line, asi/62660, 800-421-4445.

Seed paper bottle necker is the perfect medium for an eco-message. From Bloomin’ Promotions, asi/40646, 800-894-9185.

Structured six-panel Hawaiian pattern cotton twill pro-style cap features a low-profile fit. From Otto Cap, asi/75350,800-FOR-OTTO.

Festival Giveaways

Unbreakable Thermoform plastic tumbler measures 16 oz. From The Dooley Company, asi/50410, 800-647-2462.

Stainless-steel brew cup has opener for twist-open lids and snap-off lids. From Ad-N-Art, asi/31518, 888-738-9021.

Soap-infused imprinted towel is great for camping and travel – just add water. From Suds n Toss, asi/90026, 844-783-7686.