Sales Boost Quiz

Is Your Pipeline Healthy?

Quiz yourself: Is Your Pipeline Healthy?


Answer key: “I feel that way”   No = 0;  Not sure = 1; Yes = 2

"I feel that way..."" No Not sure Yes
Do you pre-qualify leads before putting them into your pipeline?
Do you have a clearly defined sales process?
Do you have quality prospects at each stage of the sales process?
Do you nurture pipeline leads who are at all stages of the sales process?
Do you know your close ratio?
Do you have enough quality prospects in your pipeline to meet sales goals given your close ratio?
Is your pipeline up to date?
Do you have a system for keeping your pipeline organized?
Do you routinely prospect to generate new front-end leads??
Do you routinely re-evaluate your pipeline with a mind to removing prospects that are not going to pan out while putting new, better leads in their place?