Promotions Planner

Plan creative campaigns three months out.


Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Daycare centers, summer camps, hospitals, optometrists, ophthalmologists and others can show clients they care with promotional campaigns that raise awareness about diagnosing, treating and preventing vision problems in children ( Product options include logoed wayfarer sunglasses, eyeball stress relievers and headwear that shades the eyes from harmful rays.


National Immunization Awareness Month
Help health networks, doctors’ offices and public health organizations promote the important role vaccination plays in preventing life-threatening diseases. Try pitching pens and hand sanitizers that feature a vaccination call-to-action, along with contact information for health-care providers that perform immunizations.

National Read-A-Romance Month
This initiative urges readers to pick up a romance novel. Provide publishers of this genre with items like bookmarks and pens they can send to bookstores and other retailers that sell the paperback fiction. The stores can then give the freebies to folks who buy the publishers’ romance novels.


Black Business Month
August is a time for promoting and supporting businesses owned and operated by African-Americans. Craft each promotion based on the specific business’ brand and audience. For a digital marketing firm with a young workforce, consider providing trendy tri-blend T-shirts that feature the company logo and slogan printed in Pan-African color combinations of green, yellow and red or red, green and black.

Aug. 3-7 Exhibitor Appreciation Week
Help companies that organize trade shows thank their most loyal exhibitors. Create a classy gift package that includes a custom-labeled bottle of wine and send it to key executives at organizations that routinely exhibit at your clients’ shows.

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Aug. 10-16 Elvis Week
Tens of thousands of Elvis fans visit Memphis to celebrate rock and roll’s king. Provide fun products that promote the many events that occur this week in Memphis ( Additionally, deliver staff shirts, drinkware and novelty products (think gold-colored sunglasses with attached muttonchops sideburns) for bars, nightclubs and record stores that hold Elvis-themed promotions in your area.

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Aug. 12 Vinyl Record Day
Sales of vinyl records are on the rise thanks to the retro cool appeal that albums have for many consumers. Help record stores fuel greater sales expansion with point-of-purchase collateral that promotes Vinyl Record Day specials and/or events. Then, provide stores with hip T-shirts and slim-fit hoodies for sale on Vinyl Record day.


Aug. 15-21 National Aviation Week
Celebrating the development of aviation, this week is marked by events at airports and air museums. Provide fun giveaways for the special occasions, including branded balsa gliders, foam airplane puzzles and more.


Aug. 26 National Dog Day
Veterinarians, pet stores, kennels, doggie day spas – all can impress clients and attract new customers with special promotions on this day that celebrates the joy and love dogs bring their human owners. Power the promotions with branded giveaways that may include pet brushes, paw wipes, reflective leg bands and bone-shaped vinyl mats.

Aug. 29-30 International Bat Night
Observed in more than 30 countries, this special night seeks to raise awareness about the important roles bats play in fostering healthy ecosystems and even human economies. Provide light-up products and bat-themed stress relievers for nature conservation agencies to give to participants in the nighttime bat walks that these agencies lead.