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Stadium cups and can coolers from Leprechaun Promotions

Q: Please give us some company background.
A: Leprechaun Promotions is completing its 15th year as an ASI supplier. We have grown to process over 20,000 orders annually. Keys to our success remain: offering the industry’s widest line of stadium cups; supplementing our core category with related, everyday promotional products like can coolers, sports bottles, travel mugs, steins and flyers; providing excellent customer service and imprinting capabilities; and providing 24-hour service at no extra charge on these key items. 

Q: What are a couple of your hottest sellers and why? 
A: All sizes of stadium cups are always our hottest sellers. They can be used so many ways by so many people and people always seem to wait until the last week to order them. So our 24-hour service and our commitment to getting the right product to the right place on time keeps us busy. Can coolers follow the same pattern as stadium cups and provide us with the same results.

Q: How are your products different from other  similar products?      
A: We think our imprinting is terrific, our service is great and we are easy to work with. Other than that, we are just like everyone else.

Q: What are top markets for your products?
A: Schools, churches, businesses, individuals – any group having an event or party that they want to spice up with a useful, low-cost item that sends a message and provides a memory.

Q: How can distributor sales reps sell your products?
A: The best way to sell our stadium cups and can coolers is just to remember this: When the customer calls you on Tuesday for a Saturday event – it’s not too late for Leprechaun to get the items delivered.

Q: How are these products used in specific promotions?
A: Probably 20 times a week we get an order for can coolers for some couple’s upcoming wedding. I guess these are great little gifts for the wedding party/rehearsal dinner. I provide them to all of my employees when they get married

Other big users of stadium cups are school concession stands. Football, basketball, soccer – they all have concession stands and the stadium cup is often sponsored by local businesses. The school pays nothing for the cups and the business gets some useful, low-cost advertising. Win-win.