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Go Wild, But Cautiously

Hi Kathy:
I just got around to reading your “Go Wild” editorial in the February issue. You may want to point out to those who may not know that in order to sell or produce items for major league sports teams, you’ll need an NFL, NBA, MBL, NHL license.

Most distributors like me could not afford to pay the NFL $100,000 in guaranteed royalty fees per year.

Kevin Berta
Ad Cafe/Advertising Studio (asi/114433)

Had a Blast

Editor’s Note: Joe received this e-mail from a fan of “Blast From the Past.”

Loved the March edition of “Blast from the Past.” The poster of Dr. J brings me back to 1980, my senior year of high school, when on a fast break, I was undercut and broke my right ankle coming down.

Of course I made the basket, but couldn’t stand to take the foul shot.

So, a few hours later I had a full cast up to just below my knee. My artist brother later that week drew that same poster pic of Dr. J, on my cast. It was spectacular!

Everyone commented on the picture he drew, and it was even featured in the school paper.

When the time came to have it removed, the physician did not want to ruin it – said it was a piece of art. So he cut it down the opposite side to preserve it.

I kept it for a number of years after, but the smell and dust build-up had taken its toll. So I had to scrap the plaster. Just thought I would share that. LOL. Thanks!