Fresh Ideas

Need a little something different? Looking for that one unique item for a special program? Here, we spotlight cool products that will ignite your creative spark.

May makeover

From Montana to Mississippi, the gentle month of May is coloring the earth with new flowers and filling hearts with a sense of energy and renewal. In this spring spirit, brand-building opportunities flourish for marketers.

Tap into the enthusiasm for the outdoors with the Bloomin Promotions (asi/40646) Plant-A-Gram.

Fresh_ Ideas_May14-inner01.jpg

As end-users green their thumbs or walk the golf links, make sure their eyes are protected from UV rays with Nike Golf Brazen sunglasses from Par One (asi/75912).

If an April shower holdover unexpectedly strikes, your customers’ target audiences will be dry beneath Stromberg Brand’s (asi/89955) 42” umbrella, which features a flashlight in the handle.

Fresh_ Ideas_May14-inner02.jpg

From Essef Distributors’ (asi/52710) flower-concept pen that rests in a pot-shaped holder to a laser-engraved golf tee height-setter from GodloveGOLF (asi/57642), products perfect for May can help accelerate your sales this month and beyond. Start pitching them today.