Trade Show Calendar

July 1-31
East Rutherford, NJNBC 4 New York Giants Health
& Fitness Expo  (512) 522-2435;

July 2-5
Los Angeles Anime Expo
(800) 619-7689;

July 14-16
Chicago ASI Show Chicago
(800) 546-3300;

July 17-20
Los Angeles California Gift Show
(800) 318-2238;

July 19-22
Oaks, PA Philadelphia Gift Show
(678) 285-3976;

July 24-27
New York City New York Antique Jewelry  & Watch Show
(239) 732-6642;

July 25-28
Rosemont, IL Windy City Gift Show
(800) 318-2238;

July 25-28
San Francisco San Francisco International Gift Fair
(678) 285-3976;

In Depth

As the biggest industry show of the summer – and last large ad specialty event of the year – ASI Show Chicago is the kickoff to the all-important fourth quarter. More than 4,000 distributors and over 700 suppliers come together from across the nation to prepare for the end-of-year sales season. In addition to vast networking opportunities and sales-enhancing education sessions, the show will feature a keynote titled "Lessons From The Line of Scrimmage: Become A Leader For Life" by Super Bowl-winning quarterback Peyton Manning.

In Depth

Anime Expo is the largest anime and manga convention in North America. Featuring more than 240 exhibitors and vendors, the event includes everything from all-night video game programing to concerts, a masquerade and much more. Attend to make contacts in this niche market and/or provide anime-themed branded products exhibitors can give to attendees.