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Make a $34,613 profit with your client's next promotion.

Make a $34,613 profit with your client's next promotion.

Amusement Park

For promoters, it's time to think about warmer weather and things more fun than staring woefully out from a foggy window. The owners of Big Pete's Amusement Park are ready because they know that failing to get a jump on the upcoming theme park season could put your summer into free fall.

The newest roller coaster is ready to send patrons into gleeful terror, and some souvenirs of such a momentous thrill are in order. Anyone who braves the coaster on its first day of operation should get a T-shirt that identifies them as a bona fide coaster conqueror. They can save the tee to wear later but your client should at least have some colorful wristbands available so their status as fearless riders is obvious to everyone. A custom magnet in the shape of a flip-flop is a low-cost way to keep the lure of those warm-weather days alive throughout the season.

Summers are a bit on the sticky side around here, so run a "Beat the Heat" promotion and offer some pre-moistened single-use cotton refreshment towels with lemon and lavender essential oils. An easy-to-grip misting fan includes battery and carabiner for no-hassle carrying and is sure to get plenty of exposure, as is the durable polyester BottleBand, ideal for keeping water on hand while remaining hands-free.

The park makes sure to snap everyone's picture as they plummet down the log flume. For visitors who purchase the (wildly overpriced) picture package, throw in some practical goodies, like a pair of fun sunglasses with removable visor and pitch-dark lenses. Nicks and scrapes are guaranteed whenever excited kids barrel their way through the park, so a first-aid kit will help keep the drive home quiet and free of complaining little ones. Finally, a handy adhesive phone wallet will let parents keep their bulky wallets or purses behind so they can bring only the essentials as they experience all the fun the park has to offer.

Don't let the goodtime season start without your clients strapped in for the ride. Start lining up the right branded products now and summertime promotions will seem like nothing but fun and games.


Here is a breakdown of our suggested items, their list prices and price codes, all boiled down to your potential profits. Keep in mind, supplier prices were current as of press time but are subject to change.



Coaster Craze

Crewneck tee is made of moisture-wicking polyester. From TNC Promotional Marketing LLC, asi/91422, 310-884-9898.
Custom woven fabric wristband includes a metal or plastic sliding attachment. From, asi/79994, 901-767-0838.
Customized, American-made magnet includes a photo-quality imprint. From Magnet America, asi/68519, 877-887-0905.

Summer Daze

Pre-moistened cotton towel contains essential oils and can be used cold or hot. From White Towel Services, asi/97040, 817-868-7900.
Fill this easy-to-grip hand mister with water for a quick refresher at any hot event. From Way2Cool, asi/95735, 888-292-9226.
The durable polyester BottleBand fits on virtually any sized bottle. From BottleBand,asi/41272, 801-560-3213.

Photo Finish

This lightweight wallet-style first-aid kit contains bandages and a handy first-aid guide. From Innovation Line, asi/62660, 800-421-4445.
Cell phone wallet is made of silicone and clings to most flat-backed smartphones. From EMT, asi/52263, 800-289-2911.
These sunglasses feature super-dark lenses, neon temples and matching removable visor. From Specialtising International, asi/88584, 800-727-8886.