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Exclusive gourmet brands from Incentive Gourmet.

Exclusive gourmet brands from Incentive Gourmet


David Little
Incentive Gourmet (asi/74390)

Q. Please give us some company background.
A. Incentive Gourmet has been in the industry for two decades as a boutique manufacturer of custom food gifts and the distributor of major brands. The company started on the incentive and loyalty side and responded to distributor requests by creating unique, targeted incentives, gifts and promotions. Many new products continue to be developed resulting from distributors looking for something not available in the industry. All designs, production and shipping are done from our New Jersey facility which includes chocolate and bakery production. Besides our own manufactured chocolate and baked goods, we've distributed Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Green Mountain coffees; Keurig coffee makers, Sodastream machines and Goya foods, among other gourmet brands.

Q. Which products are hot sellers right now?
A. In edibles, we recently created Chocolatetexting. This patent-pending process allows the creation of a saying, text or message in chocolate, one character at a time. There are over 90 letters, numbers, symbols and icons, as well as 25 stock ribbon choices, allowing for endless combinations. We also recently introduced our large seven-inch chocolate stadiums and arenas replicas. The respective field is embossed on the chocolate floor with foiled sports balls included. Each piece is packed in a large tin, capable of a four-color customization.

On the brand side: Keurig, Sodastream, Avanti Linen and Goya foods are well-known brands and are always in strong demand.

Q. What are some of the top markets for your products?
A. We deal with companies in a variety of industries, as many businesses use these types of products to recognize their employees and customers periodically. With the wide variety of pricing options, our products are appropriate for all types of promotions including holidays, incentives, awards, events, product introductions, mergers and anniversaries, etc. We haven't met an industry we didn't like and couldn't create a promotion for.

Q. What makes these products unique?
A. Many of our items are custom designed or combinations of our brands for an intended purpose or use, specifically to meet a client's need. For example we recently put together an organic-only food concept for a health company's holiday client distribution.  A recent industry article spoke about the 2015 trend of personalization [i.e. Coca Cola's name-imprinted bottles] vs. simply branding a company's name on something. We start with our products and have ways to personalize – from spelling out names, hot stamping, imprinting and ribbons and including individual cards. Most of our products are USA made, with the exception of our Belgian and Italian chocolate and the major brands have been tested extensively to meet any FDA requirements for food and related packaging. The combinations we offer in the promotional products industry are not available elsewhere.

Q. What features should sales reps note when pitching your products to clients?
A. Know that we offer major brands and our own manufacturing allows for items that are capable of some form of customization. Price points can vary from individually wrapped organic chocolates up to small household appliances like Keurig and Sodastream machines. Having recognizable product names is beneficial for any project, especially when further customized. If it is a large project, we ask the sales reps to answer PQRST: P=Price Range; Q=Anticipated Quantity; R=Reason (concept, purpose, intended results, branding); S=Shipping (time of the year, bulk vs. drop ship); T=Timing. This allows us to understand which product is most appropriate for their use.