Promotions Planner

Plan creative campaigns three months out.

june 2015

National Zoo & Aquarium Month

June is a time to celebrate the role zoos and aquariums play in wildlife education, conservation and community enrichment ( Provide branded merchandise these clients can sell or give away as part of the fun, including stuffed animals in logoed T-shirts, wildlife calendars, safari-style hats and more


Student Safety Month

This initiative aims to encourage teenagers across America to make safe decisions during the school-end festivity season of graduation, proms, parties and other events. Partner with schools by delivering wristbands, neon T-shirts, bumper stickers and more that proclaim anti-drinking-and-driving messages.


    International Surf Music Month

Concerts take place all over to celebrate surf music – a subgenre of rock n' roll that resounds with the freedom and joy of surf culture ( Provide official concert swag and promotional materials (T-shirts, signs). Also, deliver T-shirts, hoodies and stickers for participating bands.


PTSD Awareness Month

In June, groups including The National Center for PTSD promote awareness and effective treatments for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder ( Fuel their efforts with ribbons, caps, T-shirts and USBs with information about PTSD and what the public can do to help.


June 4-10
National Business Etiquette Week

A week that aims to encourage companies to review with salespeople and other employees business etiquette/intelligence, from how to network properly to how to remember names. Augment the learning by delivering practical solutions that help put the lessons into action – items like business cards and branded business card holders.


June 5
National Donut Day

Founded in 1938, Donut Day annually celebrates one of America's favorite treats. Provide bakeries and coffee/donut shops with travel mugs they can give to customers who stop in on this especially sweet day.


June 7
National Cancer Survivors Day

    Hundreds of communities nationwide honor survivors who are living with and beyond cancer ( Awareness-themed bracelets, totes, pens, water bottles, scarves and even pedometers help pay tribute to survivors and victims while promoting the push for a cure.


June 11-18
National Nursing Assistants' Week

Help nursing homes and other long-term care centers thank their valuable nursing assistant staffers with logoed cosmetic bags, stand-up mirrors, full-zip cardigan sweaters and more. (


June 14
World Blood Donor Day

Empower blood banks to motivate people everywhere to donate blood – and to thank those who do – with appropriately themed products ( Consider magnets shaped like blood droplets, blood drive coloring and activity books, bendy pens with a heart on top and even heart-shaped lollipops.


June 21
Go Skateboarding Day

Provide T-shirts, flat-bill caps, hooded sweatshirts and stickers to skate shops, local skate clothing lines and skate parks. All of those potential clients may be celebrating this official holiday of skateboarding – a day that gives people passionate about the extreme sport the chance to drop everything and kick-flip their way to some fun.