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Make a $4,162 profit with your client’s next promotion.

Management Retreat

Though their professional lives revolve around appealing to customers’ desire for outdoor adventure, some members of TriAthletics Apparel’s management team look like they haven’t seen the sun in years. For this year’s annual staff meetings, organizers have chosen a much more rugged location than last year’s get-together at the airport hotel, and they’ve rounded up a passel of prime promotions to encourage hearty outdoor exploration in between Power Point presentations.

The trail up Mt. Marshmallow is, frankly, not very challenging, but to help get these laptop jockeys out of their seats, throw in a sun protection kit with sunscreen lotion and a flavorful lip balm. Boldly colorful gifts like a pair of flexible plastic sunglasses and a reusable sandwich bag are fun products and an effective medium for reinforcing the get-off-your-butt theme of the getaway.

For day two, what was billed as a motivational speech to be held in the conference room turns out to be a surprise river-rafting trip piloted by a former stuntman turned corporate speaker. Team members can’t turn back, but they can still appreciate a sporty mesh backpack stuffed with a few sturdy goodies. An attractive wood-patterned, insulated tumbler will keep beverages warm and safe while bobbing violently over surging waters. A floatable waterproof phone pouch can protect any devices unlucky enough to make the trip, and even allows for full-use while contained, so rafters can freely send panicked texts to loved ones during the adventure.

At week’s end, the wind-down party promises to be a welcome relief, so give out some light-up bottle openers with the well-earned libations. Some comfy, 100% cotton military caps are perfect to hand out to the brave soldiers of sales and marketing. Make them extra-special by decorating them with a memorable custom-embroidered appliqué that will preserve the memory and message of the retreat for years to come.

Imprinted promotions aren’t only for gaining new business, they help to rejuvenate the relationships you’ve already built, even among people working side-by-side each day. Combined with the right message, these quality products turn the roughest of promotional challenges into a walk in the park.

Don’t target only one group. Think of all groups that will be involved with an event and pitch products for each. Here are your stretch goals.

Profit Potential

Here is a breakdown of our suggested items, their list prices and price codes, all boiled down to your potential profits. Keep in mind, supplier prices were current as of press time but are subject to change.

  Price  Code Quantity Total Profit
Sun kit $2.73 r 2,500 $6,825 $2,730
Sunglasses 0.99 r 250 $248 $99
Sandwich bag 3.08 r 100 $308 $123
Backpack 11.12 r 100 $1,112 $445
Tumbler 10.90 r 50 $545 $218
Phone pouch 13.00 r 50 $650 $260
Opener 1.46 r 250 $365 $146
Cap 4.50 r 50 $225 $90
Appliqué 2.04 p 50 $102 $51
      Total $10,380 $4,162


Beginner’s Trail

Sun protection kit includes an SPF 30 sunscreen lotion and a premium lip balm. From Admints & Zagabor, asi/31516, 866-556-4687.

Flexible black plastic sunglasses have colored temples and a smoke lens. From Fields, asi/54100, 800-654-1517.

Sandwich bag is made with a machine-washable blend of recycled bottles and organic cotton. From NUMO, asi/74710, 800-253-0434.

Raging River

Two- pocket mesh sport pack is made of 420 denier dobby and 210 denier polyester. From Vitronic, asi/93990, 800-666-7117.

Wood-patterned 14-oz. insulated tumbler features a push-button open and close. From Zipline, asi/99030, 866-344-7677.

Clear waterproof pouch is perfect for carrying devices while traveling. From Penguin Products LLC, asi/77074, 631-393-2860

Wrap Party

This bottle opener lights up by pressing the button on the key chain. From Bay State, asi/38980, 866-947-6708.

Garment-washed cotton military-style cap has an adjustable hook-and-loop closure. From Otto Cap, asi/75350, 800-FOR-OTTO.

Custom-embroidered appliqués offer the high-quality look and feel of direct embroidery. From World Emblem, asi/98264, 800-766-0448.