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Interactive Seed Packets From Powerful Plants

Al Benner Owner Powerful Plants (asi/79076)

Q. Please give us some company background.

A. I'm a health-conscious father of twin eight-year-old boys, an avid gardener, and someone who is concerned about the wellbeing of our planet. I was looking for a fun, yet educational way to connect with kids by using technology to inspire them about plants, protecting the earth and healthy eating habits.

After two years of development, and a little coaching from my boys and their friends along the way, we now have 36 heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seed varieties with characters that come to life right on the seed packs.

Q. How do your Talking Veggie Seed Packets come to life?

A. By utilizing a cutting-edge technology called augmented reality. To make this happen, a person must first download our free app to their smartphone or tablet (the link is on our website). Once loaded, aiming the camera at the character on the front of each pack will cause the video for that character to play. It is very realistic as the video starts with the character in its current position on each pack. They "pop" to life.

Our products are very unique for several reasons:

  1. We are the only line of vegetable seeds created specifically for kids with characters that actually come "to life" using our free app.
  2. Each of our seed packs provides 2-3 minutes of "edutainment" for children: fun plant facts, history, nutrition information, and growing and preparation tips.
  3. Our interactive story books encourage reading retention, as kids must first answer three questions about what they just read before the characters come to life to complete each scene.
  4. For an additional cost we can create video content for customers that ties directly to their customer’s logo or image on the back of our seed packs. This would be done by using our augmented reality technology described previously.
  5. We are in the process of offering several free contests with fun prizes on our website.

Q. How can distributor sales reps sell your products?

A. Sales reps should pay particular attention to what sets us apart and makes us special – the augmented reality messaging that delivers high-quality educational and inspirational content to children and families. They should also keep in mind that we can further customize seed packs and books by creating unique video messaging for their clients.

Q. Can you tell us how these products were used in particular promotions?

A. We just launched this spring, but already we have several schools using our seed packs and books as healthy, educational alternatives for their fundraising efforts. We anticipate many more organizations will be looking for ways to reach families with kids by using cool technology to get them interested in protecting our planet, growing plants and eating what they grow.

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To see the seed packet characters (Casper Pumpkin, Rosa Bianca Eggplant and the rest) in action, go to:

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