Magnets are a low-cost promo with one high-profile function: to stick around. If their ubiquity in the home and office isn’t enough evidence of their promotional primacy, consider also that magnets have the ability to increase response rates by over 70%.

Custom-shaped magnet-backed pin is strong enough to stay secure on any clothing. From Zoogee, asi/99280, 866-532-4935.

Custom magnet features 1/4”-thick acrylic and can be cut into almost any shape. From Morris Magnets, asi/72521, 360-863-8141.

Genuine, full-color metal bottle cap includes a super-strong magnet attachment. From Wehr Industries, asi/96235, 800-755-8088.

Full-color fridge clip features a protective epoxy dome and extra-strong magnetic back. From Makana, asi/68366, 800-371-7050.

Magnetic gun caddy conveniently secures your rifle when you need to set it down. From SpecTech, asi/88576, 612-719-1990.

Rectangular chalkboard magnet lets you write in the dates for any month of the year. From The Magnet Group, asi/68507,800-458-9457.

Eye-catching nickel-plated meteor magnet perfectly complements fridge or memo board. From Tonata, asi/91439, 888-686-6282.

Custom engraved wood magnet is made in America from real wood. From Unique Custom Products, asi/92531, 970-282-9591.

Custom full-color button comes with a magnetic bottle opener on back. From Ads On Magnets, asi/31061, 888-324-3995.

Jumbo magnetic memo clip has a strong grip and a high-intensity magnet. From Nu Promo Line, asi/74585, 888-294-5007.

Durable jumbo magnetic memo holder features a heavy-duty spring-loaded hinge. From Bullet Line, asi/42424, 800-749-7367.

Add a large custom-printed magnet to your car, refrigerator or any other magnetic surface. From Post Up Stand, asi/79052, 800-935-3534.