Light-Up Items

Light-Up Items

When marketers find themselves fighting the darkness of dull promotions, they are well-advised to walk into the light. As the global LED market grows to an estimated $63 billion by 2020, new ways of producing and displaying luminescence suddenly seem like very bright ideas.

Case Study

See the Light

When a well-known outdoor brand recently planned to have a team-building retreat for 45 members of management, it chose a gift that would encourage these desk-bound employees to do the very thing they encouraged their customers to do: get up and go outside.

Working closely with their distributor, the company opted for a logoed LED flashlight/compact binocular gift set (product #69775) from Victorinox Swiss Army (asi/93755). “The sets were a room-drop gift,” says Kristin Oakes, marketing specialist for Victorinox. “They were used as an invitation for attendees to enjoy an outdoor adventure.”

The gift set combined two of the supplier’s popular standalone outdoor products: a sturdy, metal-bodied flashlight equipped with nine LED lights alongside a set of glare-free binoculars, both held in a soft-sided case with Velcro closure.

Not surprisingly, the retreat was a great success. “Employees were excited to be able to get out of the office for some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors, which is something that is very important to the company,” Oakes says. The consensus from attendees was that the gifts not only were convenient for the various activities that their employer scheduled at the retreat, but that the set was a well thought-out gift that reflected the values of their employer perfectly and showed everyone involved in their best light.

Translucent fashion bracelet comes in colors that correspond to the color of the LED. From Alight Promotional Products, asi/34194, 888-217-8800.

Simply turn on this 18” LED galaxy spinner and twirl to create a mesmerizing light show. From Brighter Promotions, asi/42016, 800-446-3200.

This raver blinking wrist strap is a brilliant way to light up a party for hours. From Bullet, asi/42424, 800-749-7367.

Emergency hand-squeeze LED flashlight has imprint on choice of background color. From Next Products, asi/73871, 877-851-9595.

Safety armband has two light settings and expands up to 16”. From Hit Promotional Products, asi/61125, 800-237-6305.

Pocket-sized worklight produces a powerful floodlight in a compact size. From Megapro, asi/70448, 866- 522-3652.

Slim flashlight with super-bright LED light has flat rectangular body with silver trim. From Nu Promo Line, asi/74585, 888-294-5007.

Light-up safety cone keytag is equipped with a high-powered LED light. From Illini, asi/62190, 800-935-5472.

Activate these popular LED flashing buttons by simply pinning the button on. From Buzline, asi/42963, 800-878-3413.

Auto-opening 44” arc umbrella has fiberglass ribs, black rubber handle and a built-in LED flashlight. From Peerless Umbrella, asi/76730, 888-485-4900.

Flashlight/binocular combination set features a soft-sided case with Velcro closure. From Victorinox Swiss Army, asi/93755, 800-243-4066.

Tilting 36-LED work light with ABS plastic body has an easy-to-rotate 360 degree stand. From Zipline, asi/99030, 866-344-7677.