Travel + Leisure magazine recently compiled a list of the most-visited beaches in the U.S., any of which would be perfect for logoed balls. At the top of the list is Venice Beach, CA, which welcomes approximately 16 million visitors annually. Make sure your client’s message makes an appearance there – and at other surf and sand hot spots.

Baseball stress reliever is perfect for team and spirit promotions. From Fields Manufacturing, asi/54100, 800-654-1517.

Official league leather baseball can be silkscreened. From Ball Pro Inc., asi/38120, 800-225-5818.

Beach ball features a leak-proof valve and comes in a variety of colors. From Lanco Corporation, asi/66224, 800-938-4500.

Kickball comes in four color combinations and has a silkscreened imprint. From Aakron Rule Corp., asi/30270, 800-828-1570.

Choose from a variety of colors for this beach ball, which measures 16”. From Hit Promotional Products, asi/61125, 800-237-6305.

Football stress reliever features a digital camo print. From Jetline, asi/63344, 877-858-9908.

Rainbow kickball has a shell made of knitted yarn. From U.S. Toy Company, asi/92439, 816-965-2315.

Super bouncy ball comes in eight different colors. From American Greenwood Inc., asi/35500, 800-323-5051.

Beach ball contains LED lights and measures 15”. From Buztronics Inc., asi/42963, 800-878-3413.

Bouncy ball contains two bright blue flashing LED lights. From Brighter Promotions, asi/42016, 800-446-3200.

Light ball has red and blue flashing lights when bounced. From Ariel Premium Supply, asi/36730, 800-270-7474.

Magic 8 ball helps with making important decisions. From Alpi International Ltd., asi/34415, 800-678-2574.